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I have said this in the past many times, “what got me into DAPPS was TRONBET (WINK)” back then on 2018 there were not that many dapps outside of ETH but then TRX dapps starting to pop and it was awesome times, remember getting about $200 each days on dividends from the amount of ANTE token I had on TRONBET, at some point I remember having about 30k tokens since I was on it since day one, after a couple of months on 2019 the crypto market sink and I got out of dapps focus more on trading BTC with leverage and looking for passive income investments.

Recently DICE token now on WINK a.k.a TRONBET got listed first on Poloniex and then on Trontrade, the last time I roll the dice was 282 days at the moment of this post, thats around 9.4 moths, I got 2438 tokens and have been just holding since every single day I was getting about 20 to 30 TRX on average of that entire time about $90 based on TRX/USD , I wanted to roll more but Im not that good at playing dice so decided to stay away and hold the tokens because I heard ppl want to list the token, it didnt happen for the past 9 months until now too much coincidence I would say that DICE is on round 8 of its mining phase, I need to find out what will happen when its over, probably there will be a swap or may start a new DICE game but for now this is how I look at this.

This is the DICE token chart on TRONTRADE

I got in on this trade when the price was 1.5 TRX bought some about 3k tokens since didnt have much TRX and thought well this might be good time to buy more, the day end and I didnt, next day it was up to 2 TRX sometimes I should listen more carefully to myself, decided to get in and bought the rest of my tokens at 2.1 TRX and have decided to stake them for some time with kind of the same idea in mind when I use to hold ANTE tokens

1- Stake and get daily dividedends: Im expecting about 5% on a monthly bases from what I have invested, this is a passive income investment and usually they range from 5% to 15% at most, its a slow but steady grow

2- Bought my bag at 2.1 TRX and would be looking to sell at 5 TRX, I remember ANTE going for 36 TRX per token and I think 2.1 TRX is cheap, the more ppl mine this token on this final phase ppl will start buying the token to get more dividends out of the pool, I think those who wanted to dump their tokens are over, WINK actually has a very close community

IMO I dont like what TRON has become neither WINK but this is still one of the oldest dapps out there with tons of games so I still think its a legit project

This are my only two alternatives on how to get the most profits out of this token, I probably see this happening within two to three months, Im really not in a hurry, markets are starting to turn, 2020 is starting to look positive for crypto and 2021 might be better, this is just my personal opinion on this token and platform.

Hope this helps you in some way

Good luck

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