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People only want to buy an asset when its going up, when its on green because who wants to buy something that is at the bottom in red, well STEEM is not dead but it is all cover in blood from everyone who bought before August 2019.  Back in 2016 those early adopters made tons of STEEM daily by posting content and getting curation rewards and it was until the word spread out that you could make crypto by posting content that everyone jump in on 2017 when STEEM hit all time highs of around $7 per STEEM COIN, some bought the coin to then power up and start posting content, comments and upvote others to then get a revenue but the market was turning and nothing can go up for ever, it was time for the market to go down after a rally from $0.15 (STEEM CURRENT PRICE) to $7. Those who bought during 2018 are feeling the pain including myself but its during this times that you can accumulate, getting 1000 STEEM for only $158.81 was a dream back during the bull market.

If we look at this chart STEEM is starting to flat out (Weekly Chart)

Same as many other altcoins because they are returning to January 2017 prices or even a bit lower, I do STEEM at $0.10 but probably holding its Bitcoin price, it is now that we all have the opportunity to accumulate and I think that the time is running out that soon some altcoins will increase in price dramatically after they bottom out, same as nothing can go up for ever nothing can go down for ever and at some point the majority of STEEM holders will decide not to sell anymore and just increase their bags for the future when the coin spikes.

Daily Chart since January 2018

When STEEM was at $7 and content creators who had high STEEM POWER were making a killing people didn’t buy because it was too expensive and now that it has return to $0.15 people dont buy it because it has been going down for over a year, the markets give opportunities and I think this is one of them same as other coins like BNB, ZEN, ETH all of them are very cheap at the current moment and people dont buy because prices are too low, you dont go all in you start investing a small percentage to have some skin in the game and then if it bottoms out start increasing your position and on STEEM if you got some start creating content, videos, articles or just art and post it.

There is no reason not to be on STEEM if you like creating content, the opportunity is now

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