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It comes from honest investors to say that CRYPTO IS NOT A SAFE PLACE, at least not for now. When we talk about investing into crypto most will tell you to only invest what you can afford to loose and thats because there are some situations that nobody can control.

For me the simplest way to explain a DAILY ROI CONTRACT is imagine that the CONTRACT is a vault but this vault doesn’t have a key or combination and CAN NOT BE OPEN under any circumstances, not even the owner or the person who build the vault can open it, its impenetrable.

At the same time this vault is autonomous because it doesn’t depend from a person or an interface like a website to operate, so you are literally sitting in front of a vault that cant be open, has no lock, buttons or anything just a small narrow for you to deposit a token and withdraw tokens but only when the vault tells you.

In an essence thats what a DAILY ROI CONTRACT is, for easy access developers offer a web interface for the smart contract for you to interact with it, usually the main two commands are deposit and withdraw.

The common rules of a DAILY ROI CONTRACT are:

  • How does Daily Contract work?
    Once you deposit TRX into the contract, you can start to withdraw every minute. The amount you can withdraw is 4% of your deposit every day, after X amount of days you will get your 100% deposit, and continue to withdraw at this rate forever as long as there is fund in Smart Contract.
  • What if contract has no more fund
    If contract runs out of fund then you will not be able to withdraw any until new fund are deposited into the contract by players
  • What if I want to deposit more when I have already have deposit?
    When you deposit more, Smart Contract will automatically calculate how much you can withdraw for your previous desposit and transfer it into your wallet. Then start to calculate your withdraw on your updated deposit.
  • What happens if the contract website dissapear?
    Actually, nothing! Smart contract will be safe with all the balance. And it will continue to pay you every day. It works independent from anyone or anything.

The owner of the DAILY ROI CONTRACT will decide the percentage you will receive daily, it can go from 3% to 5% higher than that I consider is a bit greedy and may not be sustainable.

The key of this contracts are the community behind it, the bigger the community the longer the contract may run, the success of this contracts is also the trust that the community has on the developer, it is the community that will continue to put tokens into this DAILY ROI CONTRACT for everyone involve get a daily percentage of the entire amount on the contract.

This are some of the reasons why a contract may fail:

  1. Bug on the code that stops the contract at some point
  2. Community stops deposits into the contract and it goes to cero
  3. The contract gets hacked
  4. The owner runs away with the contract balance

Some of this situations like getting hacked, bug or any malicious function on the code are being avoid by some developers by getting their contracts verified, in the case of TRON the developer of the site is verifying contracts, this means in a way that this developer certifies there is nothing wrong with the contract and it is legit, at least you wont get scam or someone will run away with the contract balance.

There will be contracts that wont get verified because their code is unique and may have new features that others dont have, so consider it a private code instead of open source, if it is really something new makes sense for the developer not to verify the code because then others can clone it.

In my experience I have been into TRON contracts for the last month and so far they are still running and paying every day, if you still have any questions feel free to contact me at or telegram @rombtc.

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Good Luck, Thanks

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