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War Field

War Field

For those who have play any FPS in the past as soon as you see the banner you can imagine whats like to play War Field, this game might not be a revolutionary idea but different from 90% of crypto related projects, IT HAS A WORKING PRODUCT, they basically trying change the economics and try to make this an easier platform for users to withdraw game tokens or even make them have value on real world since you will be able to exchange this tokens on crypto exchanges soon.

War Field runs on the Unity gaming engine, using a ERC20 token cold GLDR, this needs to be stake by users in order to keep playing the game, “Whoever kills or injuries him or her in the game can win that GLDR” this take out the ecuation of buying a license and play as long as you want, is a very raw concept back in the day of pure arcade mode, when you had to put a coin to play. Right from the gate War Field offers no limitations on the game regarthing levels, weapons or any feature available as long as you have a certain amount of GLDR, at the moment its 1 tokens to play and there is only one map, they call this the Alfa Version.

The first porpuse of the GLDR token will be:

  • Buy goods like AMMO, Weapons, ARmor and other items.
  • Buy skins and styling items
  • Buy in for special events

At the very startup of the game you get to buy some bassic guns, depending on the ammount of GLDR that you own, at the moment I only had 200 GLDR.

Since this is an ERC20 it can be withdraw from the game to an Ether wallet, I expect MyEtherWallet, we will have to wait until pre-sale is over.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Intel i3 proccessor or higher
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 250MB of Free Disk Space
  • 512MB Video Card Memory
  • Chrome Browser updated to the newest version

They claim this not to be some kind of gambling but right from the start you have to put down some GLDR to play, a requirement is fine but once you decide to rase the stake so if you win the game you get more tokens its risking without knowing the outcome, a fix cost of playing or headshot or knife kill would take gambling out of the picture.

Further development is within the plans and to get into other platforms

The Max Supply will be 2,574 Billion Tokens available, 70% of this tokens are for pre-sale at a 60% discount, once TSE – Token Sale Event, thats another way of saying pre-sale;  a portion of the GLDR earned by WAR FIELD for in-game purchases may be returned to the War FIELD Marketplace for sale to players at a rate no less than USD 0.01:1 GLDR.

They havent say how much is this percentage, I understand the reason for this and is for the platform to keep a passive income and keep tokens in circulation within the platform and not on exchanges were price can be fix, as long as the percentage is reasonable in my personal opinion I think its ok, this is still a business that needs to generate an income.

“Expenses like infrastructure, marketing, management and other expenses shall be covered using proceeds from the sale of GLDR as well as in game sales.”

Token Specs

War Field is looking to raise a minimum of USD 3 Million and a maximum of USD 12 Million.

Token transactions out of War Field site will have a Tax to pay, if a holder of GLDR token wants to sell it for fiat or any other currency may be subjected to taxation, depending on the jurisdiction of residence.

You can buy tokens currently at


They currently accept the following currencies:

  • US Dollars
  • Euros
  • British Pounds
  • Bitcoin
  • Ether
  • Litecoin

This is the plan for the Token Sale Event

Between War Field plans there is to expand to other platforms; I would love to see this on android, and not only that, they would also want to develop a propietary API so other developers can build arround it but you know how that goes…GTA = MODS

At the end of the day, I like the game, very very basic graphics back in the day pure CS no BS, really enjoy playing it and will be releasing some gamplay videos.

As any other ICO on this current market is verly unlikely to make it big, but it has a working product and there could be an FPS fever about to burst , dont worry about it making ETH slow since it doesnt run on the chain

Lets get in and start playing and earning

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