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ViralRoll – GEEKCASH

ViralRoll – GEEKCASH

Hi everyone, I have been working in the background lately trying to smooth the process of how to keep my business on real life at float and at the same time trying to keep up with my blog, at the moment this is just a hobby to document and rights and wrongs with crypto.

Since day one I have been a supporter of GEEKCASH, after the coin came out the team have been working on this token creating an ecosystem around it, as any other project there are foundations that need to be build that take time and users dont see exactly whats going on on backstage.

Things that have been accomplish:

  • Web Wallet
  • Masternode
  • Trading pairs on
  • / shorten platform using the GEEK Token
  • AMD and Nvidia miner integration
  • New Miner TRex
  • Listing on Masternode Websites

I found out about GEEKCASH doing some research online about new coins on crypto forums, been mining it since then without stop, have sold some and keeping a few master nodes running every though the price doesn’t wager out the expenses of running a GEEK masternode.

There most recent project is a Shorten Platform

This article is just an introduction, I will just list some of the features and start using it to redirect links, its very similar to Bitly.

As other Shorten Platforms, VIRALROLL includes a Dashboard for all the analytics regarding the traffic that your links are getting.

  • We have a Dashboard that is your main screen, once I start using this platform you will see the amount of visits I’ll be getting from it, the amount of clicks, browser version, operating system, IP and country of the visitors.
  • On Links will be listed the links you have created, at the moment I have not create any links.
  • Then we have Actions, Im not sure yet about how it works
  • Suscribers thats for all the users following your links
  • Domains, the custon domains you can add to the platform
  • Settings, your profile settings, VIRALROLL do support 2FA so thats very important

I’ll suscribe to the Professional plan, at the moment 84,000 GEEK tokens

Here a table of the Plans prices based on USD, take in consideration that at the moment GEEKCASH is only 5 sats on exchange, plans on the image are shown on USD


In the near future they will have a couple of features that are not enable yet since the platform still in BETA

  • Paid Per View: you will be paid by the amount views and depending from the country it comes from, most likely you will be paid on GEEKCASH
  • Paid Per Share: everytime someone downloads a file using a shorten link from VIRALROLL under your account, the user who download will have to pay a small fee to download the file and you will receive a cut from that fee.
  • Referral Program: you will get paid every time someone sing up with your referal link and also you will get 20% life-time commission of how much this users spend on the site.

This are a couple of features that have not being define yet and are not available at the moment, GEEKCASH is still on its infancy, many more platforms and I suspect in the future Dapps will use the GEEK Token as a method of payment, this is part of adoption, even if the platform starts as centralize using the token is the first step, I’ll start using VIRALROLL and will do a video and post as a continuation to this post.

Thanks for reading if you I like my post please feel free to leave a comment or upvote on Steemit

Good Luck, Thanks

DISCLAIMER: The information or its media channels not limited to Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Instagram, Facebook, or any upgcomming social media platform or internet search engine results is not financial advice. This information is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Any information provided are only and simple thoughts and opinions, you must not follow any of this thoughts and look for a profesional financial advisor since we are not any type of advisors. Dont not get into crypto currencies since its a high risk investment if you do not have the proper guidance and any investment that you made is your own responsability and no one else.

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