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Hi, its been bit more than a month since my last post but have been recovering from a partial hearing lost and now I’m getting back into crypto.

For the last few days Tronbet has stagnate with low dividend pool and ANTE price is not doing that well dropping from 33 TRON to 18 and then recover to 26 TRON.

In the past we have seen this type of movement and price action, I have even consider that its on purpose so whales can accumulate more ANTE but for the upcoming event its different, TRONBET is GIVING AWAY 5 TESLA MODEL 3, here the official announcement:


Dear Tronbetonians, has been live for almost 6 months. Despite many ups and downs our community has remained #ANTESTRONG and stuck together to become the #1 DApp across all blockchains, recently surpassing the milestone of 1 BILLION TRX Dividends paid out! All of this has been made possible because of your support! We’d like to thank every single one of you for making this happen and for believing in our vision of an Automated Networked Trustless Ecosystem (ANTE). With burns and buy backs we believe it is our responsibility to continue to share the success of with all of you.

Now it’s time for us to give back! (even more) 🤑🤑 As part of our Pre-Poker Launch we will be giving away Five Tesla Model 3 cars and 5 million TRX. This event is open to all players regardless of experience or level.

🎉Event Period: March 18th 00:00 EST – April 1st 00:00 EST
🎉Event Prizes: 5x TESLA Model 3 + 5,000,000 TRX

🌟 Rules🌟
✅1. Win a Poker Card:
Bet a minimum wager of 100 TRX playing any TronBet game during the event period for a chance to win a Poker Card. The higher the amount wagered the higher the chance of winning a poker card per play. (Highest chance of winning a card per play = 90%)
✅2. Exchange a Card or Stack a Hand for TRX:
Poker Cards can be exchanged for TRX. You can either sell individual cards back to the system for TRX or collect a poker hand for greater prizes! (i.e collect a Royal Flush to exchange for TRX + 1 Crown 👑)
✅3. Black Joker – 100,000 TRX
Find a Black Joker and exchange it for 100,000 TRX! (There will be an unlimited number of Black Jokers available)
✅4. Wild Joker – Tesla Model 3
Find a Wild Joker and win a Tesla Model 3! (Wild Jokers will be limited to just 4 during the event). What does a Wild Joker look like? You’ll know it when you see it!!!
✅5. Daily Poker Crown Challenge 👑 – 300,000 TRX
Exchange your card hands for Crowns! Each day during the event period 300,000 TRX will be given away to the top 50 in the leaderboard 👑👑👑!
✅6. Space Race – 🏎 – TESLA MODEL 3
Race To Space : At the end of the event, the user who collects the most Crowns during the whole event time will win 1 TESLA MODEL 3

Note: For those who win a Tesla, once you exchange the card you will be asked to contact Admin_SOON. Price and availability of Tesla’s varies from region to region. For winners who reside in regions where Tesla may not be available you will receive the equivalent amount in TRX based on the TESLA Model 3 price in the USA. The TRONbet team will have final discretion whether or not to send TRX or to gift the Tesla and reserve the right to amend any of the above terms at any stage during the event period. The very best of luck!!

In my opinion this contest will pump both Tronbet Dividend Pool and ANTE token price, the reason is because people will be playing the games to find that Joker this will increment the amount of dividends on the pool and those who are in for the dividends will buy more tokens to keep up the pace with the mining process.

Thanks for reading if you I like my post please feel free to leave a comment or upvote on Steemit

Good Luck, Thanks

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