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TRONbet dividends payment second round is on its way, we are going to see more often the green and red colors since Im very focus on TRONbet more than anything else, FOMOTRON Im not that invested as before since on this second round a lot of people knows about it and I could make that much of a profit even with a substancial 28k keys at the moment when there was less than 100 people of its Telegram, unfortunaltely the round ended due to technical problems that were fix for second round.

Now lets get to the meat and potatoes of this post, ANTE TOKEN, what is it, how it works??

As shown on my previous post and on the next image

Every time the TRX POOL on TRONbet gets to 10 Million of the period of two weeks, this happens ” The sole function of the ANTE token is to redistributewealth to those who make this platform possible. 100% of all tokens earned from games are redistributed to all ANTEtoken holders proportionately. ” This are the exact words from the TRONbet team on their whitepaper until today. Here the direct link to it 

UPDATE 11/5/2018 : TRONbet mod on Telegram has mention that not necesarly TRX Pool will allways be 10 Million, if ANTE continues under the same process it may loose value quick but it seems that TRONbet team has a few updates upcomming and possible changes on the whitepaper.

TRONbet team has develop a platform where users can get in with a universal, fast, reliable and almost free of transactions fees TOKEN, in this case TRON, on other e-gaming platforms they either develop their own token and request all kind of information where TRONbet doesnt, no information, no centralization of the funds and cheap transactions fees, plus a dividend incentive for ANTE TOKEN holders.

To get your bags of ANTE there is only one way to do it untill today and that is betting, every time dividends are paid a STAGE is completed, with time it will be harder to gain ANTE tokens and there is a limited supply of 100,000,000.  TRONbet team also mention the posibility of an internal exchange where users can exchange their Tokens.

There is nothing special about the Token itself other than a function to show the Platform who is really betting since the more you bet the more ANTE you get, just make sure you are not loosing.

This is the token distribution:

With only 20% of the TOKENS in my opinion its a fair share for Developers and the team behind the platform.

An example of the mining stages is the following

As you can see every time a stage is completed, users need to invest more on the token in order to get that dividend payment, if you play conservative you may win some TRON on your side and at the same time you are earning ANTE that pays the divident payment.

Based on volume it seems that the site will be paying two or three times a week, so far I have acumulate 2167 ANTE TOKENS but I really want to get to that 5k mark, Ill start to do some betting sessions streams, I usually play for about a hour and then take a two hours break.

The ANTE TOKEN is very basic, implementation of the site has been very smooth with very little downtimes, the team has the vision to develop other games under the same platform.

If you like to start getting that ANTE and its divident payments, feel free to use my referal code

Be safe, keep on playing

Thanks for reading if you I like my post please feel free to leave a comment or upvote on Steemit

Good Luck, Thanks

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