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From the creators of HITDAPPS,  I have recently found out about some new Gambling games, remmeber GAMBLING CAN BE EXTREMELY RISKY AND ADDICTIVE, please be sure you can control yourself before getting involve, this games use TRON and EOS tokens, very basic to use this service, it gives you the oportunity to gain some crypto as any of this other gambling sites.

This site can easly dissapear within a matter of seconds, so be aware of this before you invest on it.

On this article I’m only going to cover the TRON side of the website, when you go to it shows the different games involving TRON

The ones I have been using the most are FOMO and COINFLIP , COINFLIP being the most risky and I would say extremly risky in my opinion.

In order to send TRON to HITDAPPS you need to install a Chrome extension that basically creates a TRON wallet address and interacts with the the site, this extension is TronLink click here to donwload it, this is a Chrome and Brave Browser extension.

Tronlink simplifies access to the TRON Blockchain creating a direct interaction with decentralized applications, very similar to MetaMask on the Ethereum Network, you can learn more about the tecnical aspect of TronLink at TRONWATCH website but in this case we are here to talk about HITAPPS TRON DAPPS.

After you have install Tronlink from the Chrome Webstore an orange icon will come up within a few seconds on the top right hand of your chrome browser, once you click on it the following image will come up.

The Default Account is you Tron Wallet Address, once you have install your TronLink and get this address next all you need to do is send some Tron Token (TRX) to this address, wait for the confirmations and we are ready to buy some keys, keys are very like tickets.

FOMO consist of a game that runs a pot for 24 hours, there are some rules on this game:

  • The game runs a 24 hour timeframe
  • Every time someone buys a key it adds 30 seconds to the 24 hours
  • The last one to deposit to the pot wins but the 24 hours needs to expire before someone else purchase a key
  • Every key cost 1 TRON
    • 40% goes to the pot
    • 30% distributed among key holders
    • 10% goes to the next round
    • 10% if any referral or to next round pot
    • 10% ambassadors & developers
  • If you win you are not getting the entire pot, be clear about the distribution
    • 60% to the winner
    • 30% distributed among key holders
    • 10% ambassadors & developers

Now that we know the rules lets get into practice, lets say you click on PLAY NOW on FOMO, it takes you to the FOMO TRON game, here you can Buy Keys.

Go to where it says Buy Key and input the amount of keys you want to buy, keep in mind that you need to pay Gas Fees, so it is require that you keep about 200 more Tokens on your wallet, if you want to buy 1000 keep 1200.

Here you input the amount and hit PURCHASE, after this a confirmation will come up, click confirm and wait for the transaction to be executed

After the transaction goes through it will show you the amount of keys you bought, in my case I bought 12k and in 24 hours I have earn 2402.766055 TRON, once you start earning you can withdraw or convert your earnings to keys.

This kind of high risk high reward games are good if you get in early, IT WILL NOT RUN FOREVER, at some point someone will win, hack it or it might be shutdown for any other reason.

My strategy is get back my initial investment and after that I will withdraw 50% of my earnings and convert to keys the other 50%.

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Good Luck, Thanks

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