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This Trade ALWAYS PLAY OUT – Binance Burn Coin 14th

This trade ALWAYS PLAY OUT – Binance Burn Coin 14th

**Always take in consideration non of this information is financial advice or official announcement from any specific project, I’m no financial advisor, trader or expert, this is just my personal opinion on certain project mention on this article, cryptocurrencies are extreme high risk assets and you must do you own research, never follow what I or other people say on internet**



This trade ALWAYS PLAY OUT – Binance Burn Coin 14th

On July 2020 I cover this trade that plays out almost every single time

Although this trade wont play out this good depending on market conditions, now we are in a bull market so essentially you just put money on the market and it duplicates most of the time, sounds a bit extreme but you catch what I mean, altcoins are extremely bullish since part of the money on Bitcoin is moving to alts, while a bunch of “hodlers” keep buying at all time highs for the long-term part of the market is selling and investing their Bitcoin gains into altcoins, there is nothing wrong about holding Bitcoin for the long-term, what others decide to do is just trading not long-term hold, both strategies will play out just that trading has more risk even if you know how to trade.

Binance BNB/BTC
This trade ALWAYS PLAY OUT - Binance Burn Coin 14th

You can skip this chart if you are not new to crypto. If we look at the BTC pair for Binance Coin it’s very clear that it’s not going up in price and this goes for most altcoins, with time as Bitcoin goes up in USD price altcoins will go down in Bitcoin value (Satoshis), there is no fix explanation for this, markets decides the value of a coin or token in USD value most of the time, we will always have BTC pairs and ETH pairs although with how fast direct FIAT to Crypto markets has grow like Coinbase or Binance the USD pairs seems are dominant and since Bitcoin goes up in USD then Alts go down in BTC.

Binance BNB/USDT
This trade ALWAYS PLAY OUT - Binance Burn Coin 14th

In terms of this USDT pair chart we can see how it recently broke out of the channel to the upside and pierce previous ATH from June 2019, it seems that altseason recently started and for the past two weeks we have seen lots of coins go up, one of my favorites trade was the $LINK dip at $13 and now at $22, as mention this Binance USDT trade has work for me most of the time and they are about to burn the equivalent of 20% of the exchange profits from last Q, I usually jump in on the trade two weeks before the burn.

Next coin burn would be around this same time of the month on April, depending on the price the ideal situation to buy is after a dip, buying dips is scary but if you have a plan, at what price you want to jump in and how much you can tolerate the price to go down to then sell if things go south, April is a tough month for crypto for the most part, maybe put it in your calendar around the start of March of this year start checking out the price of BNB and scope some to then fully jump in on the trade.

Coin Burn Until 13th
This trade ALWAYS PLAY OUT - Binance Burn Coin 14th

This trade ALWAYS PLAY OUT - Binance Burn Coin 14thCZ has mention before that every time they burn BNB is not that they go and buy on the market, different from other coins that buy directly on the market to pay dividends or burn coins Binance doesn’t intend to pump the price short-term, this BNB USDT trade plays out based on pure speculation, yes Binance keeps grown up and coming up with more products to their clients, I got to say that during this bull run the exchange has worked better than 2017 although if Im not mistaken this is their full bull-bear-bull cycle as exchanges so did learn a few things since last bull market.

Binance is one if not the top player, the exchange to beat in the crypto space, now days they not only have in-house projects but now have a lot of collaborations with their Binance Smart Chain, I have always say that I have this love and hate relationship with Binance because of some products they launch that are not always in the best interest of their clients but at the same time I get it, it’s a market and they have to keep innovating and trying to stay as the leader.

Small post regarding this trade that plays out almost every quarter so for the next one around April you can also take advantage.

Stay safe

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