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Buying XRP, RSI on the 4hr very bullish and only 13% from its all time low ever on the daily chart#XRP #DIP #BUYNOW #CRYPTOXICATE — Cryptoxicate (@cryptoxicate) January 28, 2019 This is a Twitt I put out last night saying I was buying XRP As you can see most of my orders are on USDT and not BTC, the XRP/USDT chart looks very bullish, I only bought 557.9 XRP at the value of $0.29905 per coin, a total of $166.8399 There are a couple of reasons why I consider the chart is bullish, some are based on social media and others pure technical analysis, I…

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Ok just sold my last bit of TRON and here the reasons why Fundamental Analysis and Social Media: - Just too many people talking about - Every crypto twitter/youtuber pumping tron - TRON Memes got out of control - Every single wallet and exchange announce BTT airdrop support Technical Analysis: Most of the time I just trade against USDT on Binance, I dont trade against BTC unless there is an edge and this is because I dont have to sell altcoin for BTC to get USD, I work the daily, 4 hour and 1 hour chats, but here the BTC charts since most people use…

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VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF WITHDRAWN

Today January 23 2018, Coindesk post an article on their website that says "Cboe Exchange has Withdraws Proposal for VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF" After many delays due to the common reasons security, custody, market manipulation, and many more the SEC seems to have temporarily withdraw the VanEck ETF proposal and we will for sure see an effect on the price of Bitcoin. This is the one day Bitcoin/USD chart As you can see after the last massive dump in price Bitcoin has been testing the $3,500 area for over a week with very low volume and we can see how the RSI and MACD are flirting…

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At this point manipulation is all that I can see mention on other telegram groups besides Tronbet chat, the reason for this could be that are afraid Tronbet may try to silence everyone who goes against them by banning them from their chat. ANTE token start selling on December last year, as I expect the prices started between 15 to 20 TRON per ANTE, after TRONBET success they have accumulate a large amount of TRON same as ANTE since for every ANTE that users mine a portion goes to TRONBET. Right to the point, on January 10 we saw the first spike of the price…

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Today seems to be the day when ANTE price is finally manipulated on the exchange, many are selling, as we can see a crash from almost 40 TRX per ante to 29 TRX Yesterday TRONBET broke a new record with a 26 million dividend pool and its evident that for such price pump some users FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and start buying ANTE like crazy. I have been buying ANTE since it was 20 TRX but when I saw the price going up so much stop buying at 33 TRX Lets keep in mind that ANTE was trading about 16 to 24 TRX over…

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Ok internet, this is my opinion on my TRON trade TRON Trade: TRON/USDT Chart at Binance We are currently at strong downtrend on TRON for many reasons: Since December 18 TRON went up over 96% from $0.01760 to $0.03433 People can now short TRON, what this means is that people can now bet on TRON when it goes up or down and media will have a bigger impact to the market price TRON just got out of a accumulation zone of 1 month from November 18 to December 18, TRON never did a lower low during that period, weird it was an exact month I'm…

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TRONBET token ANTE is going up, in the TRON community many refer to TRONBET as the safe BET in terms of the most stable and lucrative gambling platform on the TRON ecosystem, moderators have recently mention that marketing is starting and we have seen advertisement already on Dapp.Review. As we can see on the previous image, users are rushing in to buy the ANTE TOKEN, it was said before this coin hit exchange that at least it would cost 100 TRON, as seen its already at 25 TRON, increase around 5 TRON since it was launch to the exchange and peak at 44 TRON so…

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Recently I have not been trading that much, not that anybody care or ask....I have focus all my attention into TRON DAPPS to get those fat dividend payments DAILY but due to the upcoming conference NITRON, TRON has been going up every week nonstop since it was 0.013, I dont trade against BTC anymore or rarely do it since I dont need Bitcoin anymore to get out of Crypto, anyways I have been accumulating TRON since it was at 0.013 and yesterday bought some just to trade it against USDT at 0.02596 and sold at 0.03326 for a 28% ish profit and now riding the…

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GeekCash is about to be listed on its first official exchange, Aiodex has announce on their official twitter account They have official announce that GeekCash will be their fourth trading pair, GeekCash is being develop at the moment, fundamental tools have been release like official miner for the Geek Algorithm, Web Wallet were you will be able to run your masternode, GeekCash pool script so anyone can run a GeekCash Pool and also the community around the coin is being gather. GeekCash has the intention to at first develop a social network around the coin, at the moment as any other startup project is EXTREMELY…

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