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Celsius Network – Crypto Loans – Personal Review

@CRYPTOXICATE #CRYPTOXICATE $CRYPTOXICATE Celsius Network has provide me another way to generate passive income for a small percentage of my long term crypto hold, Celsius Network has develop not only a wallet for you to hold your crypto but also go gain interest on that crypto that is just sitting on a wallet and if needed you can apply for a crypto loan that can also be deliver as USD directly to your bank acccount depending on your bank but the best part are the low interest and that this loan can be also deliver on stable coin, on this video I go into details…

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SMARTCASH is a low cap coin that has deliver multiple merchant solutions with and active community and ongoing development, accepted on many countries in Centra and South America, solutions like prepaid cards and smart wristbands with NFS technology for easy payment system. From an investment perspective masternode looks very appealing at current price and Im interested on getting a few of them but I waiting for a good entry even better than the current price and on this video I explain why If you like the content please share and subscribe on any of the social networks below or use any of my referral links…

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MASTERNODES IS AN ASPECT OF THE TECH THAT SEEMS FORGOTTEN BY THE MARKET, HERE I SHARE WITH YOU MY OPINION REGARDING MASTERNODES.ONLINE REVIEW FOR 2019, VERY USEFUL INFORMATION, IN MY OPINION BEST MASTERNODE COIN LISTING SITE Site: Review: If you like the content please share and subscribe on any of the social networks below or use any of my referral links from down below. Good Luck, Thanks 👇🏻Support the channel by using my affiliate links👇🏻 LINKS: ► WINK: ► TRONTOPIA: ► KRYPTOGAMERS: ► Start Mining: More of my content LBRY: Hive: Steemit: Publish0x:…

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Althea – Review

Recently or better say, now that I have more time in my hands, I have been looking for projects that are different from the rest that I know, some of this projects might not be brand new; if you know of any or would like me to review your project contact me at or @cryptoxicate on twitter, anyways I tound Althea by reading an article on where they talk about a case of a nurse who didnt have internet at her place and now had to work from home, she contact every ISP around her place and nobody could provide the service, most…

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ICONBET looks to create an ecosystem of dapps and its currently distributing its token TAP with a roulette game as first DAPP on the ICON Blockchain, as I understand and read on their telegram group this is the very first casino DAPP on ICON Blockchain and with a few features from the network itself and the DAPP it is very interesting and attractive, no transactions fees, no need of bandwith and a DAO system, more details on the video review. *** *** If you like the content please click on the first banner at the start of the article that helps or you can upvote…

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Crypto Paradise – REVIEW

... Everyone is use to casino DAPPS or some sort of contract that multiplies your crypto but we are starting to see a shift on this behavior we are starting to see mobile games and other platforms like this upcoming project Crypto Paradise, its different concept and most important the community will have a stake on all the projects of the Crypto Paradise Ecosystem. *** *** If you like the content please click on the first banner at the start of the article that helps or you can upvote this post at Good Luck, Thanks

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... Here my video review on the TRONTOPIA project, latter today Im planing on doing a written post going through the whitepaper as I have done with other projects, a TRON DAPP that aims to target casino users with several innovative token models that will change for better and incentivize users to hold this tokens to earn daily dividends based on fair and solid games for a long last platform. If after watching this video you still like to use this DAPP feel free to support this channel by using this link TRONTOPIA: *** *** If you like the content please click on the…


... I was introduce to Dominance from one of the community members over their Telegram, Crypto Nomad, I have read their whitepaper and seen most of the youtube videos regarding this project, this is a honest and unbiased review, I am participating on their bounty program, so yes I own some tokens already. - Website: - Telegram: Dominance goal is to be a decentralized application platform on the IOST Blockchain where they want to develop multiple dapps in the casino and gaming area, the team have study the market and wants to implement a more stable and consistent way to get a passive…

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Fishing Master – Review

On my Daily Dividend Count post some have seen me mention FishingMaster DAPP, today I would like to make a review about it so you have a more comprehensive idea of what the game is about and recent changes that have been applied. Most of the thoughts express on this post are my personal opinion, I'll do my best to explain what is the site is about and how it works. Fishing Master Contact Information: Telegram: Twitter: This is the first screen you get when open the website , Fishing Master is from , I'll do a review on Game latter. First…

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This past few days have been awesome but a lot of work, not only that I'm making about 500 ANTE every two days but I'm also starting to walk out with TRON profits from my bets, although you need a good bag of TRON and probably about an hour or two of rolling and learning how to mitigate your risks. At the moment of this post I have manage to mine 3,431 and I'm in profit from my bets, I set myself a goal that I'm happy with daily and that is not too much, as soon as I hit that mark just walk away…

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