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As a continuation of BITMAIN layoffs around the world the crypto giant has decided to reduce operations in the Netherlands as an official statement from BITMAIN. Besides Netherlands other sites has been shutdown or reduce their staff like Israel, Texas…

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Im Back on Crypto

Hi everyone, I have been out of the scene for about a month and fifteen days not because I quit crypto it was because I had to take care of other business, the site for me is a long term…

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Zencash Algorithm Change

Rolf Versluis (BlockOps) post a few days ago why is it important to make changes regarding current Zencash algorithm Equihash. This was presented on a biweekly update on August the 8 2018, BlockOps makes it very clear why Governance protocol…

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Daily Recap #00001

Hi Everyone to keep things organize and others can have an idea of how much you can make either mining certain coins or running masternode I have decided to make a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Recap of my passive earnings…

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BitcoinCash Centralized

The main reason I made this post is because crypto is about decentralization and equal oportunity for everyone, not for only a few. There are many ways a coin or any project can be centralized or manipulated and the math…

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GeekCash GPU Benchmark

Hi everyone, the intention of this article is to serve as a base so for new users who want to start mining GeekCash can have an idea of how much mega hash they can get from their cards and how many coins may get…

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Possible New Nvidia Cards Announcement

Nvidia has recently post invitation to join Gamescom 2018 where they may reveal information about their new generation of video cards, media is speculating that an announcement could be done a day before Gamescom at the GeForce Gaming Celebration that may take place on August the 20, topics that will…

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