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Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Struggle to keep going up – Crypto & Coffee #0103

@CRYPTOXICATE #CRYPTOXICATE $CRYPTOXICATE I have been involve on the TRON Cryptocurrency project as an investor and users of dapps since that phase of TRON started back on 2018 and was quite happy back then seen all the profits coming in and more users getting into this DAPPS but for the past year all I have seen is the price going down and more and more people bashing TRON and most of them are right to do so since TRON business decisions or should we say JUSTIN SUN, has not been the best to keep a good image and get more users involve into the project,…

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Expected Natural Correction On Bitcoin – RAW DAILY VLOG #10

tODAY I basically talk about my strategy when it comes to trade with leverage, with time I have learn that its just better to let the price run once the trend is bullish since there is no roof or top and volatility or better say pump and dumps are expected more when price is bullish, for me identifying short oportunities is easier than trying to long Bitcoin, the risk when trading with leverage is extremely high on this type of market and it takes time to learn about this, its a concept so simple but at the same time hard to manage since by nature…

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Bitcoin Remains Over $9000 – Crypto & Coffee #0100

@CRYPTOXICATE #CRYPTOXICATE $CRYPTOXICATE lOTS of ppl got shaken out of the market by such pump and dump, many fingers pointing to Bitmex after was the only exchange to go sub $9k all the way to $8600, many got liquidated to the upside and the downside, this is something I have been explaining lately on my videos how risky is to trade on leverage when Bitcoin is so explosive, all it takes for me to stop trading Bitcoin is to see it riding the 20 EMA up an uptrend, when such scenario comes up there is equal or more gains to the upside so I just…

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Ethereum and Bitcoin at Critical Bullish Levels – Crypto & Coffee #0099

@CRYPTOXICATE #CRYPTOXICATE $CRYPTOXICATE eVerything is building up and both Ethereum and Bitcoin look very bullish at the momenth although to be honest Im still worried of what could happen to all markets across the board talking about crypto and traditional markets, even though Im not invested on the stock markets it worries me what could happen because the world wide economy could look affected once again if it crash again, but on the crypto side of things Bitcoin and Ethereum are leading the way leading the pack and altcoins are following, some currently taking a breath after many have run we have seen green on…

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@CRYPTOXICATE #CRYPTOXICATE $CRYPTOXICATE Thinks have change so much since $20k, we now really see how the manipulation of the market takes others lunch money, for the first time I feel sad for BITCOIN, after yesterday PUMP & DUMP, some may think was to liquidate short positions only but look at how low it went, 11% down on the same day, it really fells sad because it looks like a game where most retail traders wont have any chance, Yes its true thats the way markets work but back before $20k things were different, I have decided to stay on the sidelines since I still believe…

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On my last video I mention that markets stay irrational for so long and the world is basically upside down, also mention that $7700 would be my first bullish target, I haven take any trade for some time and now I have decided to go short because I still believe we havent seen the worst from the traditional markets and BITCOIN IS CORRELATED to this markets, there for I believe BITCOIN will still fall once tradional markets crash, I have put $1k on a short position from $7559 and on this video I explain the basics of this trade, hope this video is helpful and…

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BITCOIN NOT MOVING AGAIN AND I DISCUSS ON THIS VIDEO WHAT COULD BE THE OUTCOME IF BITCOIN DROPS BACK DOWN TO $3K POSSIBLE UNDER CURRENT GLOBAL FINANCIAL SITUATION THINGS MAY GET VERY VERY BORING AND YES WE ARE STILL ON A BEAR MARKET, WAKE UP CRYPTO BULL AND STOCK MARKET BEAR? If you like the content please share and subscribe on any of the social networks below or use any of my referral links from down below. Good Luck, Thanks 👇🏻Support the channel by using my affiliate links👇🏻 LINKS: ► WINK: ► TRONTOPIA: ► KRYPTOGAMERS: ► Start Mining: More of my…

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VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF WITHDRAWN

Today January 23 2018, Coindesk post an article on their website that says "Cboe Exchange has Withdraws Proposal for VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF" After many delays due to the common reasons security, custody, market manipulation, and many more the SEC seems to have temporarily withdraw the VanEck ETF proposal and we will for sure see an effect on the price of Bitcoin. This is the one day Bitcoin/USD chart As you can see after the last massive dump in price Bitcoin has been testing the $3,500 area for over a week with very low volume and we can see how the RSI and MACD are flirting…

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Today seems to be the day when ANTE price is finally manipulated on the exchange, many are selling, as we can see a crash from almost 40 TRX per ante to 29 TRX Yesterday TRONBET broke a new record with a 26 million dividend pool and its evident that for such price pump some users FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and start buying ANTE like crazy. I have been buying ANTE since it was 20 TRX but when I saw the price going up so much stop buying at 33 TRX Lets keep in mind that ANTE was trading about 16 to 24 TRX over…

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Salty Cryptonauts

WERE ARE ALL THE VIP GROUPS, THE CRYPTO EXPERTS, THE CRYPTO ELITE GROUPS After the news and manipulation of the market we have retrace very close to the $6k mark, at the moment of this post $6,240.15, to be honest now there is no catalyst or reason for the market specially Bitcoin to move up, altcoins will keep suffering but good projects wont die people need to be realistic and there are some projects with real value, in the top 16 there are projects with real value like Binance Coin, Cardano, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EOS, Stellar, Neo, Dash this in my opinion but as we can see almost everything is getting hurt except the one single star in the skies Binance Coin and for the reason that…

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