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ViralRoll – GEEKCASH

Hi everyone, I have been working in the background lately trying to smooth the process of how to keep my business on real life at float and at the same time trying to keep up with my blog, at the moment this is just a hobby to document and rights and wrongs with crypto. Since day one I have been a supporter of GEEKCASH, after the coin came out the team have been working on this token creating an ecosystem around it, as any other project there are foundations that need to be build that take time and users dont see exactly whats going on…

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A quick update on my GeekCash mining journey, I finally got access to test video cards without having to buy them, a fellow miner who owns a pc parts shop and recently start mining in this case was kindful to let me do some testing with the GEEK miner at his shop with a single 2080Ti. The mining business has become very hard lately if you need to pay bills from the coin you are mining but if you can mine and hold this is probably some of the best days, difficulties have drop significantly and in other altcoins has stay under an horizontal line,…

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Im Back on Crypto

Hi everyone, I have been out of the scene for about a month and fifteen days not because I quit crypto it was because I had to take care of other business, the site for me is a long term project hope I can bring usefull information to others on the internet and help expand crypto, doesnt matter if its a startup project or the king itself BITCOIN. During all this time I was away I was basically running masternodes and mining, no trading at all but I want to get back in business, trade bit more and look for new oportunities, going to go…

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GeekCash is about to be listed on its first official exchange, Aiodex has announce on their official twitter account They have official announce that GeekCash will be their fourth trading pair, GeekCash is being develop at the moment, fundamental tools have been release like official miner for the Geek Algorithm, Web Wallet were you will be able to run your masternode, GeekCash pool script so anyone can run a GeekCash Pool and also the community around the coin is being gather. GeekCash has the intention to at first develop a social network around the coin, at the moment as any other startup project is EXTREMELY…

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GeekCash GPU Benchmark

Hi everyone, the intention of this article is to serve as a base so for new users who want to start mining GeekCash can have an idea of how much mega hash they can get from their cards and how many coins may get depending on difficulty, remember this is not exact since it would depend on different factors like difficulty, temperature, power, memory of the GPU and for last I dont have profetional hardware equipment for testing neither I'm a professional overclocker, I'm just trying to help others gathering basic knowledge and I'll improve every other project like this that I do. This is the hardware used on the test…

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Cryptoxicate GeekCash Mining Pool

Start mining GeekCash at Pool GPU Config: geekminer.exe -a geek -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET_ADDRESS CPU Config: cpuminer.exe -a geek -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET_ADDRESS Here some tutorials on how to start mining GeekCash CPU Mining: GPU Mining: CPU Miner: GPU Miner Nvidia Windows: GPU Miner Nvidia Linux: GeekCash Discord: Any questions msg me at discord @ROM#3234 or email Have Fun

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GeekCash – GPU Mining Tutorial

At the moment of this post GPU Mining is the way to get the most amount of GeekCash coins possible, on this tutorial you will learn how to mine GeekCash with Nvidia Cards on Windows Operating System since Miner for AMD is not ready yet. Things that we need to mine: Nvidia Graphic Card Nvidia Cuda 9 Tool Kit GeekCash Wallet GeekCash Miner You can download latest GeekCash Wallet  GeekCash Github and miner from Quasars84 , its best to allways get the latest version unless there is a critical bug reported GeekCash Miner  GeekCash Wallet  After you have setup GeekCash wallet and got your Wallet…

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GeekCash – CPU Mining Tutorial

On this tutorial shows how to mine GeekCash with a CPU on a Windows Computer: What we need: GeekCash Wallet installed Geek CPU Miner First we need to know our GeekCash Wallet address, after downloading and installing the latest version of GeekCash Wallet you need to go File and click on Receiving addresses After this it will show your wallet address Once we know our wallet address then we need to download GeekCash CPU miner, this can be done from the or form GeekCash Github ,allways try to download latest version. After you have downloaded the CPU Miner unzip the file, for this right…

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GeekCash – Hot Wallet Masternode (Windows)

***NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PRIVATE KEY TO NOBODY*** MASTERNODE PAYMENTS START AT BLOCK 180,000 CHECK FOR CURRENT BLOCK Consider I write this tutorial trying to help people to setup their masternode and I do it as best as I can, sorry if I miss anything, if you have questions feel free to contact me at Discord or There are two ways to setup a Masternode, one is consider the secure way called a Cold Wallet where you setup remote machine to run only the Masternode process wyle you hold your coins on a local wallet in your computer, on this tutorial I will show…

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