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I have been looking at this company for just little over two weeks reading about them and how everything started, what you will find of this review is just my opinion, thoughts and what I have found so far, if there is any incorrect information please let me know in the comments. The story is very interesting coming from the CEO Marguerite deCourcelle who started as a blockchain enthusiast, crypto trader “bagholder” , Youtuber and Crypto Entrepreneur in 2018 starting her first blockchain company, Blockade Games. (Source Medium). It’s weird this have not hit my radar but I also got into DAPPS on November 2018…


... I was introduce to Dominance from one of the community members over their Telegram, Crypto Nomad, I have read their whitepaper and seen most of the youtube videos regarding this project, this is a honest and unbiased review, I am participating on their bounty program, so yes I own some tokens already. - Website: - Telegram: Dominance goal is to be a decentralized application platform on the IOST Blockchain where they want to develop multiple dapps in the casino and gaming area, the team have study the market and wants to implement a more stable and consistent way to get a passive…

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HashDice Site Info: URL: Telegram: Discord: Whitepaper: On this article Ill try to explain the best I can and then as questions or changes come up with do an update on my post. A new Casino type DAPP has come to the scene and some describe as the ASIAN TRONBET, with very similar deisgn and structure HashDice is under BETA release, some say its just a copy cat but the layout between most of this Gambling DAPPS is very similar, each new DAPP is evolving from the previous one and adapting to their users and market demands each one trying to innovate…

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VREX LABddopts EnjinX Most of the development done now days in blockchain comes from Asia and its not extrange that countries like Japan, Korea, Asia, Singapore addopts blockchain technology faster than estern countries. In a recent anouncement VREX LAB Korean software development company with office in Korea and China has decided to get their feet wet and get EnjinX involve in part of their plans, VREX LAB most interesting app DYVERSE a chat application where users can send each other VR content as shown on the following video. Users will be able to use EnjinX as a token system and access to most ERC721 and…

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EnjinX Airdrop

Go to the Airdrop page Visit Enjin website (+5 Entries) Follow them on Twitter (+3 Entries) Retweet this tweet. (+2 Entries) Similarly, Complete more tasks to earn more entries. (Optional) Get extra points with referring. (Complete 15 tasks to unlock your referral link) Thanks for reading if you I like my post please feel free to leave a comment or upvote on Steemit Good Luck, Thanks

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Its been some time after I talk about WARFIELD , their ICO has finish and we are currently waiting for their launch to exchanges, it seems they are moving to VR and have announce a GIVEAWAY for  full OCULUS RIFT VR SET and they call themself Virtual Reality Crypto Gaming Pioneers, if they can pull this off its going to be awesome. How you can win, rules, simple only one rule to get tickets: 1 ticket for every hour you play Giveaway starts from today at 7 p.m GMT and ends on November 14.

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Golder Games: Dirt Field

Golder Games is the Master Mind behind the adictive game War Field that is currently on ICO Stage Here the official trailer of War Field Golder have recently that they will have a downlable desktop version of War Field and the upcomming new  maps for the game. We can see that this are not only designs it also seems that they are already testing this maps, one of a War City Field and a second map of an Amusement Park. It's great to have such a tokenize game with the economics behind its ecosystem based on crypto currency, on a recent short video one of Golder Games advisor Benjamin Tershana Twitter and Linkedin , has mention that is great to have…

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War Field

For those who have play any FPS in the past as soon as you see the banner you can imagine whats like to play War Field, this game might not be a revolutionary idea but different from 90% of crypto related projects, IT HAS A WORKING PRODUCT, they basically trying change the economics and try to make this an easier platform for users to withdraw game tokens or even make them have value on real world since you will be able to exchange this tokens on crypto exchanges soon. War Field runs on the Unity gaming engine, using a ERC20 token cold GLDR, this needs…

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