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One single article that really make my day, Cointelegraph interview Mike McGlone, Bloomberg analyst in my opinion gave the best response and FACTS of why would Bitcoin pump during the halving and for ME the most realist Bitcoin Maximalist ever. On another note seems all this Youtube Crypto Bans are just mistakes and every channel has been restore but the first thing that most did were calling Youtube out I really have to take my hat for DataDash because was one of the few that didnt go to twitter to scream and cry at Youtube, their platform their rules. Some other Altcoins and Crypto market…

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Kiwidex has become notorious for listing dapps no tokens without notification and then bringing the price of the token down to almost crash it, check out this couple of cases Links TRONBET: MAGICDICE: BANKROLL: Start Mining: BINANCE EXCHANGE: More of my content Website: Steemit: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: ==== MUSIC CREDITS ==== ----------------------- ūüéß Focus Fire - Mirage [NCS Release]: ----------------------- If you like the content please click on the first banner at the start of the article that helps or you can upvote this post at Steemit¬† Good Luck, Thanks

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Seems like CRYPTOPIA is still making news after their hack. We all know this actually looks like an inside job because of all the fishy movements within the exchange and how late trading was suspended after so many assets were transfer out of the exchange. By CRYPTOPIA initially report a $2.5 million estimate of the hack between all the assets that were stolen but based on the recent study that Elementus, a blockchain analysis platofrm, did with the help of the Ethereum blockchain a new number came up and its way higher, $16 MILLION seems to be the tip of the iceberg since that…

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New ETF on the horizon for BITCOIN, Bitwise Asset Management has announce that their Bitcoin ETF Proposal was filed with US Security and Exchange Comission. So many ETF has been delayed or decline due to many fears more anything else, this is the reason why Bitwise is going to attack from every possible angle so US SEC has no other option than to approve their ETF, this ETF is backed by Bitcoin meaning Bitwise needs to have Bitcoin. Bitwise Annoucement: ‚ÄúThe proposed ETF differs from previously filed proposed Bitcoin ETFs in that it will rely on regulated third party custodians to hold its physical bitcoin,…

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GeekCash is about to be listed on its first official exchange, Aiodex has announce on their official twitter account They have official announce that GeekCash will be their fourth trading pair, GeekCash is being develop at the moment, fundamental tools have been release like official miner for the Geek Algorithm, Web Wallet were you will be able to run your masternode, GeekCash pool script so anyone can run a GeekCash Pool and also the community around the coin is being gather. GeekCash has the intention to at first develop a social network around the coin, at the moment as any other startup project is EXTREMELY…

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Ethereum Classic After Coinbase Announcement

Today I would like to talk of what is ahead of¬†Ethereum¬†Classic after the addition to¬†Coinbase¬†Exchange, the trading¬†aspect¬†and the mining aspect. The Trading Aspect For many this addition to¬†Coinbase¬†was very smooth, the trade aspect was not full of rumors not like other listings of different coins, it was just the fact that ETC was going to moon once listed ono¬†Coinbase¬†and yes it did Moon, we saw a 50%¬†increment¬†just in 3 days, with the current market¬†that's¬†Moon. Until today just two a few hours after official announcement¬†Ethereum¬†Classic price has drop more than 15% and mining difficulty drop¬†11Th. Regarding the¬†Coinbase¬†listing there are still milestones to¬†carry out¬†at¬†Coinbase¬†internally since after listing…

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Ethereum Classic final testing on Coinbase

Coinbase is expanding the list of crypto currencies they accept, there is a list of about 20 coins that may be listed on the exchange any time soon, Ethereum Classic testing is being done and Coinbase has announce that they are almost ready to accept Ethereum Classic inbound transfers. Almost every Coinbase section Custody, Pro, Prime, Support and other departments have announce that they are ready for the incoming ETC clients, markets will be open probably after a few days of starting to recieve ETC. The ETC chart is looking very bullish, first target of resistance arround 0.0024 btc but the real money maker (777)…

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InstaDEX Review – First Thoughts

InstaDEX¬†is a crypto currency community driven, one of the most important aspects of the project is transparency, in my opinion they want to¬†emphasize¬†this because one of the targets of¬†InstaDEX¬†is to become at first a wallet that can do atomic swaps instantly within the wallet itself and have a web version of a Decentralize Exchange same as mobile app,¬†can't¬†have a Reputable Exchange without transparency. This crypto currency his a hybrid between POW/POS/DEX, POW is over at the moment and POS kick in, users can¬†currently¬†run a¬†masternode¬†or stake their coins, POS give an advantage¬†regarding¬†security and decentralization, the¬†masternode¬†network help avoiding failure of the network.¬†Masternode¬†owners¬†are rewarde¬†70% of the block reward…

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Binance Acquires Trust Wallet

Binance¬†once again when everyone lost hope does it again, this Exchange and its token keeps performing and innovating,¬†Binance¬†have recently¬†acquire¬†Trust Wallet. Binance¬†Link: #Binance Acquires Trust Wallet - A Popular Mobile Crypto Wallet ‚ÄĒ Binance (@binance) July 31, 2018   Trust Wallet a secure mobile wallet, with this¬†acquisition¬†by one of the Biggest¬†Altcoin¬†Exchange,¬†Binance¬†does another strategic move trying to expand¬†world-wide¬†adoption of Crypto Currencies, with such a Mobile Platform they now posses another tool that will get them closer to their customers. Binance¬†Daily Chart after Trust Wallet¬†Acquisition This is¬†the type of moves that backup¬†Binance¬†Exchange and its token during the dips, they build momentum with more progress and news,…

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Binance Coin Burn

The information provided on this article is not financial advice and is only for education purpose as the main goal of this site is to bring news and tutorials crypto related. For every trade you must try to be a step ahead of the market, being the current situation that everyone is focus on Bitcoin due to the ETF drama, ETF push is already planted into Bitcoin and people just need to wait if this gets approve; the overall sentiment on social media is that the altcoins are doom until news about the ETF comes out or something happens on the altcoin market. Binance Coin…

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