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Bitcoin Might Not Get That Pullback

**Always take in consideration non of this information is financial advice or official announcement from any specific project, Iā€™m no expert and this is just my personal opinion on certain project mention on this article, cryptocurrencies are extreme high risk assets and you must do you own research**

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Bitcoin for the end of 2020 – Correction probably in the works

Bitcoin For The End Of 2020 ā€“ Correction Probably In The Works

Bitcoin for the end of 2020 - Correction probably in the works After such wonderful Bitcoin rally most traders have been waiting for the moment it retrace, I have talk about the levels I'm looking at on previous post ( during this US elections period and this was at the $15k level before it broke up, nobody can predict the future but trading is all about been aware of what may happen and been prepare before changes happen, meaning been prepare to take actions of A, B or C happens, when I say ABC this means if Bitcoins keeps going up, move sideways or decides…

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Trading crypto currencies with discipline

Since my start on crypto on 2017 very early I find out how most of us pay very low atention to the amount of risk and how much we usually invest in crypto, its like it separate us from the money aspect, we don't actually feel that crypto is real money, at first this was the case for me but things change since I realize a couple of things one of them is capital preservation. Trading crypto is very profitable, if you are already in crypto you already know this but if you are not probably you are full of doubts and may think this…

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This is a short article I thought would be useful for anyone who wants to trade crypto but think they need to be 100% on it or that its probably better that way, just remember that capital preservation is the most important thing when it comes to trading. How I manage to trade crypto part time Going full time on trading is not an easy thing and many traders advice to start part time and have a job that you can use as main income, I have been on crypto since early 2017 and have gone through many stages in the crypto market. -Mining: had…

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Bullish On Bitcoin But Cautious – Crypto & Coffee #0114

i Understand ppl are getting concern about Bitcoin price because it looks like its going to drop down but to me it looks just the same before then halving when Bitcoin didnt break to $8k like ppl wanted and this current sideways movement will potentially end up and a huge move to liquidate shorts position to then find support, I dont pretend the price to go to all time highs this years but the way it looks seems like buyers are out there just buying the dip and this could be what 2015 look like before entering that bull market from 2016 to 2018, Im…

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Recovering From Another Defi Disaster – Crypto & Coffee #0111

nOt much have change since Bitcoin drop to $8800, suddenly after a reaction from a drop on traditional markets Bitcoin suddenly drops to $8800 and the entire social media becomes bearish even when Bitcoin is still holding the ascending triangle and above indicators, it all seems that the health situation around the world wont impact markets again and governments keep printing to keep markets up float and take in consideration that this drop on the markets may never come to reality, its not being over positive is just buying and selling based on the reality based on whats going on and how markets are behaving,…

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Bitcoin Holds $9k After Dump Attempt – Crypto & Coffee #0109

aT the moment of this video Bitcoin is holding over $9000, at least for now, IMO proving that the market is still strong, on the past three dump attempts buyers have step in and bought the dip, markets seems to be shifting, this is just a reaction to recent polical news and traditional market behaviour but it doesnt look to be affecting that much crypto markets, although there are good and bad news on the Bitcoin and Ethereum chart now the things have flip for me and Ethereum is the one that worries me the most because of this DEFI hype, lot of ppl are…

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Stock Market Profits Going Into Crypto – Crypto & Coffee #0104

@CRYPTOXICATE #CRYPTOXICATE $CRYPTOXICATE If we think about it CRYPTO MARKETS has really fall for the past month because of potential situations out of the crypto market like the fall of stock markets, traditional markets and the current health situation that the entire world is in, on crypto there has always been a cycle of profits from Bitcion go into altcoins but we may see this happening from stock markets to crypto market bringing profits in from since almost everything is on the green on this markets and profits may poor into the crypto market, both Ethereum and Bitcoin look bullish still, we all have been…

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Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Struggle to keep going up – Crypto & Coffee #0103

@CRYPTOXICATE #CRYPTOXICATE $CRYPTOXICATE I have been involve on the TRON Cryptocurrency project as an investor and users of dapps since that phase of TRON started back on 2018 and was quite happy back then seen all the profits coming in and more users getting into this DAPPS but for the past year all I have seen is the price going down and more and more people bashing TRON and most of them are right to do so since TRON business decisions or should we say JUSTIN SUN, has not been the best to keep a good image and get more users involve into the project,…

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