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Binance Hacked or Who was Hacked?

ExploitDOT is the nickname of a vendor on the darknet who laims he got his hand on a database with a huge amount of KYC data from various cryptocurrency exchanges. According to CCN this files have been selling since July…

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Ok internet, this is my opinion on my TRON trade TRON Trade: TRON/USDT Chart at Binance We are currently at strong downtrend on TRON for many reasons: Since December 18 TRON went up over 96% from $0.01760 to $0.03433 People…

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Binance spoiler demo DEX

The only star in the skies, the one that has hold its BTC value during this bear market, Binance Coin part of the Binance Exchange, CEO Changpeng Zhao has recently post a video of the new DEX desk, Binance is…

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Coins on my mind: $Steem

In the past five years two mayor social network platforms have completely explode, those are Instagram and Twitch but users are not totally satisfied with them, Instagram is very expensive to do advertisement compared to other platforms and Twitch streamers constantly complain about payment rules and…

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Binance Acquires Trust Wallet

Binance once again when everyone lost hope does it again, this Exchange and its token keeps performing and innovating, Binance have recently acquire Trust Wallet. Binance Link: #Binance Acquires Trust Wallet - A Popular Mobile Crypto Wallet — Binance (@binance) July 31, 2018  …

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Binance Coin Burn

The information provided on this article is not financial advice and is only for education purpose as the main goal of this site is to bring news and tutorials crypto related. For every trade you must try to be a…

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BTC When Over 9000

At current prices everyone is getting ready their Over 9000 memes but in my opinion it seems that this rally is taking a brake, if this break takes too long it may take until around the begining of August but if it takes…

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