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Bitcoin ETF will skyrocket to 50k

On this modern world in the middle of digitalization the human being tends digitalize everything that he cares or has some sort of value, images, videos, text and now has decided to take store of value and currency to the digital world, it is the case and cryptocurrencies has taken that place, its Bitcoin untill today the king of cryptocurrency. Lets start by What is an ETF? Investopidia An ETF, or exchange-traded fund, is a marketable security that tracks an index, a commodity, bonds, or a basket of assets like an index fund. Unlike mutual funds, an ETF trades like a common stock on a…

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Folm Coin – How to run Masternode on Windows

This tutorial will show you how to run a Folm Coin Masternode on Windows. Not everyone wants to run a masternode on linux or have the resources to rent a VPS from a  third party, this tutorial will work for you if you would like to run a masternode locally on a Windows Computer. This is not the only way to run a masternode but if you would like to learn and run multiple masternodes on a local computer with Windows this is the way to go. Things you need: Static ip Computer that runs on Windows Pros of running on Windows Easy to manage…

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Folm Coin & Folm Universe

Here I will highlight what I consider the important things and what have been my experience with this coin after three months of holding a couple of masternodes. Folm Coin came out to the public on Feb. 2018, as the second coin with the PHI1612 algorithm after Luxcoin did it, Folm is a combination of different technologies including Bitcoin Core, Bulwark and some others not specified. By adjusting key subjects in the structure of a cryptocurrency, Folm development has decidied to be a new payment system where problems like transaction speed, block time, block size and other features that will be added with time will improve…

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War Field

For those who have play any FPS in the past as soon as you see the banner you can imagine whats like to play War Field, this game might not be a revolutionary idea but different from 90% of crypto related projects, IT HAS A WORKING PRODUCT, they basically trying change the economics and try to make this an easier platform for users to withdraw game tokens or even make them have value on real world since you will be able to exchange this tokens on crypto exchanges soon. War Field runs on the Unity gaming engine, using a ERC20 token cold GLDR, this needs…

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GeekCash – GPU Mining Tutorial

At the moment of this post GPU Mining is the way to get the most amount of GeekCash coins possible, on this tutorial you will learn how to mine GeekCash with Nvidia Cards on Windows Operating System since Miner for AMD is not ready yet. Things that we need to mine: Nvidia Graphic Card Nvidia Cuda 9 Tool Kit GeekCash Wallet GeekCash Miner You can download latest GeekCash Wallet  GeekCash Github and miner from Quasars84 , its best to allways get the latest version unless there is a critical bug reported GeekCash Miner  GeekCash Wallet  After you have setup GeekCash wallet and got your Wallet…

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GeekCash – CPU Mining Tutorial

On this tutorial shows how to mine GeekCash with a CPU on a Windows Computer: What we need: GeekCash Wallet installed Geek CPU Miner First we need to know our GeekCash Wallet address, after downloading and installing the latest version of GeekCash Wallet you need to go File and click on Receiving addresses After this it will show your wallet address Once we know our wallet address then we need to download GeekCash CPU miner, this can be done from the or form GeekCash Github ,allways try to download latest version. After you have downloaded the CPU Miner unzip the file, for this right…

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GeekCash – Hot Wallet Masternode (Windows)

***NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PRIVATE KEY TO NOBODY*** MASTERNODE PAYMENTS START AT BLOCK 180,000 CHECK FOR CURRENT BLOCK Consider I write this tutorial trying to help people to setup their masternode and I do it as best as I can, sorry if I miss anything, if you have questions feel free to contact me at Discord or There are two ways to setup a Masternode, one is consider the secure way called a Cold Wallet where you setup remote machine to run only the Masternode process wyle you hold your coins on a local wallet in your computer, on this tutorial I will show…

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