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Golder Games: Dirt Field

Golder Games is the Master Mind behind the adictive game War Field that is currently on ICO Stage Here the official trailer of War Field Golder have recently that they will have a downlable desktop version of War Field and the upcomming new  maps for the game. We can see that this are not only designs it also seems that they are already testing this maps, one of a War City Field and a second map of an Amusement Park. It's great to have such a tokenize game with the economics behind its ecosystem based on crypto currency, on a recent short video one of Golder Games advisor Benjamin Tershana Twitter and Linkedin , has mention that is great to have…

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Ethereum Classic After Coinbase Announcement

Today I would like to talk of what is ahead of Ethereum Classic after the addition to Coinbase Exchange, the trading aspect and the mining aspect. The Trading Aspect For many this addition to Coinbase was very smooth, the trade aspect was not full of rumors not like other listings of different coins, it was just the fact that ETC was going to moon once listed ono Coinbase and yes it did Moon, we saw a 50% increment just in 3 days, with the current market that's Moon. Until today just two a few hours after official announcement Ethereum Classic price has drop more than 15% and mining difficulty drop 11Th. Regarding the Coinbase listing there are still milestones to carry out at Coinbase internally since after listing…

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SEC Delays BTC ETF – VanEck-SolidX

Bitcoin price free falls almost 8% after the SEC delays the VanEck-SolidX ETF proposal, it is known that US SEC always takes it time and delay their answers as it is their right to do so, the hype after the VanEch-SolidX ETF proposal was big, not one of the biggest we have seen on crypto yet but it was big a enough to move Bitcoin almost $2k with its highest of last month at $8400.00. US SEC can delay this ETF approval or negation for over 200 days and its aloud to do so, Eduardo A. Aleman, an assistant secretary at the SEC mention that The Comission has decided that it would be better for the decision to take a longer period so they…

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Coins on my mind: $NEO

NEO NEW NODES NEW BLOCKCHAIN A in 99% of the trades that happen on the market investors or speculators simply don't know what exactly they are buying into until it hit the internet,  like when Weis gave NEO A-class rating after giving a C+ and making the internet a living hell, trolls came out of their cames streets got on fire and the sky falls to the ground. Like that was not enough NEO went down during its first and had low performance during others ICO, the Key, Trinity, Redpulse and on February of this year went down for two hours and nodes had to be force to restart so they can all sync back and not wait…

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Coins on my mind: $Steem

In the past five years two mayor social network platforms have completely explode, those are Instagram and Twitch but users are not totally satisfied with them, Instagram is very expensive to do advertisement compared to other platforms and Twitch streamers constantly complain about payment rules and fees although both platform services are great, very intuitive and sharp. After a massive correction Steem looks very sweet to buy but to Power Up Steem not to hold the coin. Steem Bittrex Daily Chart Now what if you take the centralization out of the equation, put aside search algorithms and let an open market decide how much is the value of the content producers asset within the platform and let…

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Ethereum Classic final testing on Coinbase

Coinbase is expanding the list of crypto currencies they accept, there is a list of about 20 coins that may be listed on the exchange any time soon, Ethereum Classic testing is being done and Coinbase has announce that they are almost ready to accept Ethereum Classic inbound transfers. Almost every Coinbase section Custody, Pro, Prime, Support and other departments have announce that they are ready for the incoming ETC clients, markets will be open probably after a few days of starting to recieve ETC. The ETC chart is looking very bullish, first target of resistance arround 0.0024 btc but the real money maker (777)…

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GeekCash GPU Benchmark

Hi everyone, the intention of this article is to serve as a base so for new users who want to start mining GeekCash can have an idea of how much mega hash they can get from their cards and how many coins may get depending on difficulty, remember this is not exact since it would depend on different factors like difficulty, temperature, power, memory of the GPU and for last I dont have profetional hardware equipment for testing neither I'm a professional overclocker, I'm just trying to help others gathering basic knowledge and I'll improve every other project like this that I do. This is the hardware used on the test…

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InstaDEX Review – First Thoughts

InstaDEX is a crypto currency community driven, one of the most important aspects of the project is transparency, in my opinion they want to emphasize this because one of the targets of InstaDEX is to become at first a wallet that can do atomic swaps instantly within the wallet itself and have a web version of a Decentralize Exchange same as mobile app, can't have a Reputable Exchange without transparency. This crypto currency his a hybrid between POW/POS/DEX, POW is over at the moment and POS kick in, users can currently run a masternode or stake their coins, POS give an advantage regarding security and decentralization, the masternode network help avoiding failure of the network. Masternode owners are rewarde 70% of the block reward…

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Geek Cash Giveaway

Read the post on how to get into the Giveaway!!! Today I'll be doing BASIC benchmark with different cards for one hour each: 1-EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW HYBRID 8GB 2-MSI GamingX GeForce GTX 1070 8GB 3-MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1070 8GB 4-MSI GamingX GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 5-Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1060 G1 Gaming 6-MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1060 3GB 7-MSI GeForce GTX 1060 3GB OC 8-GeForce® GTX 1070 Ti Gaming 8G I have created a wallet for each card, cards will be mining on my pool This bechmark results will be useful  for new users who want to start mining GeekCash to have…

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Possible New Nvidia Cards Announcement

Nvidia has recently post invitation to join Gamescom 2018 where they may reveal information about their new generation of video cards, media is speculating that an announcement could be done a day before Gamescom at the GeForce Gaming Celebration that may take place on August the 20, topics that will be discuss are latest hardware and a surprise from Nvidia. The mining community has speculated a lot the past 6 months about new cards, their performance and if it is still worth to invest on GPU mining based on price and ASIC competitor performance. We will have to wait a bit more, I think since Nvidia focus is not mining and besides they don't have a real competitor on the retail market,…

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