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TronDice – Review

In the past I have cover TRON Dapps like Hitdapps and TRONBet but after this two pioneers on the TRON ecosystem of Dapps we get possible new starts in this case TronDice Website: Same as this other two Dapps the name says it all its a Dice Game were you can DICE, possibly increment your amount of Tron depending on how good you are at playing Dice Online and at the same time generate the DICE Token. From the founder and social ambassador of TRON we have seen a lot of support for the upcoming Dapps, on Nov 2, 2018 @justinsuntron post @justinsuntron has shown…

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ViralRoll – GEEKCASH

Hi everyone, I have been working in the background lately trying to smooth the process of how to keep my business on real life at float and at the same time trying to keep up with my blog, at the moment this is just a hobby to document and rights and wrongs with crypto. Since day one I have been a supporter of GEEKCASH, after the coin came out the team have been working on this token creating an ecosystem around it, as any other project there are foundations that need to be build that take time and users dont see exactly whats going on…

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Yesterday I post how is the hashrate differences after the BCH Fork, we now have two chains ABC and SV, Roger Ver plan to get all possible hashrate into BCH from his pool has help a lot to protect the BCH and in my opinion (not that anyone ask but this is my website) this hash war has affected Bitcion, we have drop from 5000 PH/s TP 4000 PH/s all this in just one single day. We have seen the ABC chain getting away by staying ahead in blocks, at the moment of this post 31 blocks ahead, with its biggest pool at…

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Bitcoin Cash hardfork has been completed, Coin Dance reports that at the moment of this post Bitcoin Cash ABC (Roger Ver Chain) is 5 blocks ahead of Bitcoin SV, results on SV side seems to be pending too As we can see on BITCON ABC reports pool dominates the network hashrate as expected And as expected we can see SVPool mining BITCOIN ABC based on threads like mining empty blocks At this point we cant tell if this metrics are true due to pending information, time will tell if SV survives, seems Bitmain 90k Ant Miners S9 could be the solution to this hashrate…

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TRONbet players are starting to think more and more how to get ANTE token, some have come with strategies on how to bet and others have been trading on the site chat and we all know how dangerous is that. A small group of TRONbet users have come up with a plan to make OTC (Over The Counter Trading) of the ANTE TOKEN a safe procedure for both sides the seller and the buyer, this users are: @Fatmacedonian - [Rated top 10 in Leaderboard on TronBet!] - with Wallet Name Ante_Broker1 and Wallet Address TMc653br1ndZhxPjjtmzhzh5dwvMnpu54T @Tronics_Dude - with Wallet Name Ante_Broker2 and Wallet Address TLqiMfo8g7WxRw4HbXxuv6fkQ5mMmT52UK…

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TRONbet is one of the biggest TRON DAPPS out there but as any other new product it goes into a curve of development and growing. As we can see on this graph after the site start to boom a couple of days ago the amount of active users have decrease but not that much, I'll make an update about this graph just a short post every week, its also available at  Because of this the Dividends Pool has taken longer to fill up and it has been about 48 hours since last dividend payment, many users over the telegram chat has been talking about how…

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This past few days have been awesome but a lot of work, not only that I'm making about 500 ANTE every two days but I'm also starting to walk out with TRON profits from my bets, although you need a good bag of TRON and probably about an hour or two of rolling and learning how to mitigate your risks. At the moment of this post I have manage to mine 3,431 and I'm in profit from my bets, I set myself a goal that I'm happy with daily and that is not too much, as soon as I hit that mark just walk away…

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Hi guys, its been a great two weeks rolling dice on, I recently got my ANTE TOKEN to 2550 and thats a milestone for me since I want to get to the 5k mark without loosing that much TRX on the site, my long term goal is to get as much profit as I can from the site rolling the dice. Here my dividend payments so far, today Im posting a video about this and the results of some of my last bets I know is not that much what Im making out of this me but my target is to get $500 on rolling…

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MEGA PUMP just happen and my profit so far double, people are buying keys like crazy this time, the pot is OVER 1 MILLION TRON the equivalent to $26K USD, with marketing people will start paying atention to this site and possible follow this and the next round, on second round I came in before the MEGA PUMP and I hope it was not late, got in at 1.2 trx per key, Im not in profit yet but this time it seems that the game will run for longer time than before. In case you want in and help me with the site and content…

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Its been some time after I talk about WARFIELD , their ICO has finish and we are currently waiting for their launch to exchanges, it seems they are moving to VR and have announce a GIVEAWAY for  full OCULUS RIFT VR SET and they call themself Virtual Reality Crypto Gaming Pioneers, if they can pull this off its going to be awesome. How you can win, rules, simple only one rule to get tickets: 1 ticket for every hour you play Giveaway starts from today at 7 p.m GMT and ends on November 14.

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