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MYCE Coin – Success & Review

MYCE Coin – Success & Review

MYCE coin is the perfect example that not everything that starts slow or stagnate in crypto is a failure, I remember stepping into MYCE back in December 2017 on (

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When it came out it was consider just another masternode coin since there was this fever for masternode coins, some even said this coin was dead since the start due to high POS APR.

People need to understand that there are aggressive marketing tactics to attract investors, one of them is high POS APR but if the development team can some way control this for a short amount of time the results could be possitive.

  1. Low POW rewards so miners cant dump
  2. Short Time High POS APR
  3. Swap coin to lower coin supply

This were the steps taken by the MYCE admin team and it work out, after three months of the coin has started, the swap was executed, smooth transition and masternode started, after the swap MYCE ticker change to YCE.

The success of this coin was the admin/dev team, they kept the community together and the project itself by delivering what was promise, a product, a way to make crypto easier and engage with other coins by offering solutions.

Currently YCE has three solutions, a Mining Pool,Masternode Guard Swap Module

  • Masternod Guard: a one click masternode hosting solution, with a cost of $10 USD per month, with this service users dont have to bother of learning how to setup a masternode or renting a VPS or learning Linux commands to run their masternode, you also get notifications via Telegram, now days this is very convinience, as we can see many other coins are using this service, more than 4k users, this is proof enough that the service has a high quality, security and is legit.
  • Swap Mudule: any time a coin needs to hardfork for any different reason its a pain for admins to organize a swap procedure and get all users to swap their coins in time since there is a timeframe for this announce by the admin/dev team, before this was done manually or by an exchange, usually a paid service when done by the exchange, YCE team has develop a bot that does the swap smoonthly without any inconvinience, so far four coins are announce on the MYCE website that used this service: AeriumX, Deviant, Digiwave and Cazcoin.

Customer Support Module: in the works there is a module to provide customer support to new users/investors, this is a tool that will basically speed up the process of customer support, MYCE Bot Customer Support module will provide fast answer to users who may have a technical problem, if thats the case that it cant be solve via the support bot then a support ticket needs to be created and a rep from MYCE will take care of it.

This MYCE representatives taking care of support will be eligible depending on how expirience they are and will be paid in MYCE.

Here the workflow of this module

Coin Specs

After the coin swap the total maximum supply was reduce, same for the masternodes collateral, this was done because at some point intial investors just had too many coins and this had to be balance, this was the message from the community and the team hear them.

After block 250,000 and block reward was increase to 100, MYCE chain currently sitting at block 279,423 so you are still in time to get some of that supper block.

I have always think that in crypto even small projects can make it out, same as there are big and small businesses in real live who do the same work, in crypto is all about the interaciton between the admin/dev team and the community behind it, its the admin/dev team hearing what their community is asking for and delivering in time what is promise on a white paper.

MYCE did it and I do think that this is a good community and there is more to come from this project.

Shout out Zarcul#7484

What I look forward:

  • More marketing


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