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MasterNode OS – Review

MasterNode OS – Review

The information provided on this article is not financial advice and is only for education porpuse as the main goal of this site is to bring news and tutorials crypto related

Hi guys, I’m allways looking for new projects with potential upside, low cap coins are extremely risky and I cant emphasize this anymore but with high risk comes high reward, now days with the lack of platforms to track your crypto MNOS (Masternode Operating System) a brand new project is trying to bring an all in one solution for Masternodes, some of the features we already have with websites like or but what we really need is reliable info and a single point of junction where we can monitor the information of masternodes at the same time to make it as easy as possible to use and setup masternodes.

Masternode Operating System, contact info:


A draft of the Whitepaper has been release basically with main targets of the coin with a brief description of it, most of this information can be found on the website, I will go through this document and describe with my own words at the same time providing my personal point of view.

White Paper Draft: 

Coin Specs

I really like that they have chosen Lyra2Z algorithm, from a miners perspective energy and heat is a very important topic, Lyra2Z is very energy and heat friendly, in my experience when mining with this algorithm my cards are about 20c less than mining Neoscrypt or Ethash.

Max supply is 21 Million, classic Bitcoin heritage

  • Block reward is 16 per block starting at block 5,041
    • 61-720 = 4 coins
    • 721-1440 = 6 coins
    • 1441-5040 = 8 coins
    • 5041-64800 = 16 coins
    •  64801-129600 = 14.4 coins
    • 129601-194400 = 12.96 coins
    • 194400-259200 = 11.664 coins
    • rest = to be define
      • At the moment some may say that it doesnt make sense to mine this coin since reward is only 4 coins, take in consideration how low the difficulty is at the moment, difficulty at the moment of this post is 116, with around 100mhs would take about 10 to 15 days to gather Masternode Collateral of 1,500 coins.
      • Here link for mining calculator

A 4% premine of a 21 Million coins sounds reasonable, this premine will be use for development, marketing and other expenses of the project, this has not been define yet by the team.

This are some of the initial proposals of MNOS

  • MN Monitor/Stats Service
    Real-Time MN coins listing/monitor/stats service. Let investors
    make the right choices
  • MN Hosting
    Trust-less One-click MN deployment & hosting service. For both
    Full-Node and Shared-Node.
  • MN ICO Platform
    ICO/Escrow Platform for MN Coins. Make your funds save and
    keep you away from scammers.
  • MN Coin Exchange
    Exclusive exchange for MN coins where owners can receive their
    MN rewards directly.
  • MN Coin Payment Gateway
    Payment gateway for MN coins. Link your MN to marketplace and
    make it more valuable.
  • MN Coin Online E-wallet
    Secure and lightweight Online Multi-cryptocurrency wallet for MN

All this features would bring an all in one platform for Masternode owners, where masternode services could be run and at the same time users could store their coins on webwallets, at the end of the day this could easily become a full exchange for masternode coins with build in monitor and masternode services exchange.


Roadmap at the moment doesnt have that much development, at this point basic milestones have been completed:

  • Website Release
  • Whitepaper (Draft) Not Completed
  • Wallet & Explorer
  • Masternode Setup Script
  • Public Sale

Those are the points that the team have work out, currently in the middle of Public Sale that has a couple of specifics:


MNOS Public Sale will start after the blockchain launch on Tuesday, July 17th 2018, @4pm UTC and last till we reach 5040 blocks. A total of 30 MNs will be sold during the public sale. The price of MNOS will increase 10 % each day until all the MNs are sold. And everyone can buy up to 3 MNs. More detailed information will be post here in the near future.

Day 1: $1.5/MNOS – $2,250/MN
Day 2: $1.65/MNOS – $2,475/MN
Day 3: $1.8/MNOS – $2,700/MN
Day 4: $2/MNOS – $3,000/MN
Day 5: $2.2/MNOS – $3,300/MN
Day 6: $2.4/MNOS – $3,600/MN
Day 7: $2.65/MNOS – $3,975/MN

Now that public sale is on the way next step is list on for exchange and for marketing

Here the complete Roadmap

Wallet can be download at


  • No exchange yet, no real price
  • Anonymous Team
  • Pre-Sale & Pre-Mine, in my personal opinion this is a red flag
    • I personally dont like to invest on pre-sales, I prefer to miss a boat than sync with it, not saying this is the case with MNOS but having both at the same time a Pre-Sale of 30 Masternodes, I would wait for this coin to be on an exchange and some real progress besides a wallet release before buying it.


  • I love the idea, in my case I need this, I need a platform where I can monitor all my masternodes with reliable data and also can have web wallets for each of the masternode coins that I would administrate on the platform
  • Algorithm, very very miner friendly, low energy low heat
  • Initial reward very low, if difficulty increase it would be hard to dump by miners

I like the concept of this coin and will keep mining it to get a few masternodes running, for sure price WILL NOT be the same as the pre-sale but if team keeps developing the platform this is definetly a tool that all masternode owners have been waiting for.

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