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This tutorial only shows how to install TRONLINK on Google Chrome and get your TRON address so you can send TRON to it, if you have any questions feel free to comment.

Before starting on any TRON DAPP you need a wallet that communicates with the DAPP of your choice, the most common choice is a browser extension wallet like TRONLINK. On this post you will learn how to get TRONLINK extension for Google Chrome Browser, assuming you already have Google Chrome install on your computer.

First open and on the search bar type in TRONLINK, most likely the result will look like this and select the second link as shown on the following image or just click on this link

Now on this page you need to click where it says Add to Chrome so the TRONLINK extension for Chrome Browser can be install

Next a message will pop giving you two options, to Add extension or Cancel, select Add extension


Next you will have a purple icon on the top right corner like the one shown on the next image, this where you need to click to open your TRONLINK wallet

When it opens for the first time you will need to input a password for your wallet, repeat this password and dont loose it THIS IS IMPORTANT!!

Your password needs to comply with the following: at least eight characters, contain a symbol or number; just then green check marks will show up

Agree for TRONLINK to use cookies by clicking the Got it button as shown on the previous image

Since this tutorial is for users that have never had a TRON wallet, select the option that says Create on the next image

Once you click on Create it will ask for a wallet name, you can type in any name you like, doesnt matter if its upper or lower case or if it has numbers, as long as it has four characters green checkmarks will show up


After you type in the name just click Continue, the next information is CRITYCAL , NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR MNEMONIC since this is to recover your wallet, if someone else has this information they can access your wallet, follow instructions and copy down this information. I SHOW IT ON THIS TUTORIAL BECAUSE THIS IS A WALLET I CREATED ONLY FOR THIS TUTORIAL AND I WILL NEVER USE IT TO HOLD TRON.



After you click Continue, it will ask you to confirm the order of the words on the mnemonic phrase so just click on each word in the previous order.

Only after you confirm the entire phrase the Confirm button will be enable

Click Confirm to continue with the process, we are almost done

As I mention we were almost done and right after you click Confirm your Tronlink wallet will come up with the name on the top left corner of the image shown, right under the name you have your wallet address

  1. Wallet name
  2. Wallet Address
  3. Click to Recieve get your complete wallet address
  4. Click to Send TRON or Tokens

If you have any questions feel free to ask on the comments, I will do a second tutorial explaining the many other features of TRONLINK.

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Good Luck, Thanks

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