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On this article Ill try to explain the best I can and then as questions or changes come up with do an update on my post.

A new Casino type DAPP has come to the scene and some describe as the ASIAN TRONBET, with very similar deisgn and structure HashDice is under BETA release, some say its just a copy cat but the layout between most of this Gambling DAPPS is very similar, each new DAPP is evolving from the previous one and adapting to their users and market demands each one trying to innovate in their own way.

As I mention HashDice is currently on BETA stage since there are details they still need to work on, after using this site for a week I can tell it is very similar to TRONBET but has its own flavor in the games that they have release from start and the mining logic is different too.

HashDice had a pre-sale,
Target: 6,250,000 TRX
Exchange: 1 TRX = 80 HDT
Top 30 participants get 5% bonus
Minimum to participate 1 TRX
Maximum to participate 250,000 TRX
User who buy 250,000 TRX get 8% bonus


Right from the start HashDice release fout games:
– Dice: regular Dice game that alouds you to select five out of the six dice, with a maximum wining chance of 83% when selecting five dice and nimimum bet is 20 TRX.
– Two Dice: this game includes twelve Dice and same as Dice alouds you to select eleven out of the twelve, with a maximum winning chance of 94%.
– Roll: this is a clasicc among all this gambling DAPPS, you can go up to 94% wining chance, you only need to scroll the bar to select your wining chance.
– Coin Flip: a 50-50 chance game, very risky and there are no skills on this game you just input how much you want to bet, select the side of the coin you bet on and flip it.

This is a very important part of the site, you can play any of this game and participate for teh Jackpot, you need to bet 500 TRON in order to participate and to get this prize the number 888 must be the last three numbers of the hash, the Jackpot amount resets everytime a user win the Jackpot. There is a table that shows the last 10 users that won the Jackpot.

At the moment of this post there is an event for everyone on the leaderboard, for the next three months users on the leaderboard will be rewarded HDT (Hash Dice Tokens), the first requirement to get this bonus is that you need to wage over 50k TRON, after this the bonus go from 10k to 50k HDT.

#1 to #10 – 50,000 HDT
#11 to #20 – 20,000 HDT
#21 to #30 – 10,000 HDT

This bonus is paid every 24 hours at 3:00 UTC

Users will be paid an amount of HDT after every bet, win or loose, users can freeze their HDT to get TRON dividends daily, the dividend pool is 60%

Mining Processs:
HashDice mining stages and strategy are very unique and a bit different from others, in my opinion this is what makes different HashDice from TRONBET and at this point are two different sites that may only share the front end but on its core its totally different.

Explanation from Whitepaper:
Explorer Mining
1) The explorer mines a total of 2 billion HDT, which is divided into three stages (5.2.3) for mining, and the two mines of A and B are set as a control form for competitive mining.
2) Each of the two mines A and B has a total of 800 million HDT. That is, a total of 1.6 billion HDTs are to be mined by betting mining.
3) There is a total additional storage of the bottom of the two mines A and B of 400 million HDT, but the distribution ratio is unknown. If the A mine is firstly mined, the additional HDT at the bottom of the A mine will be distributed to the miners of mining A according to the weight of the mining volume, and the additional stored HDT at the bottom of the B mine will be directly destroyed. Conversely, if the B mine is first mined, the additional HDT at the bottom of the B mine will be distributed to the miner of B mine according to the amount of mining, and the additional stored HDT at the bottom of the mine A will be destroyed directly.
4) If the A mine is first mined, except from the extra HDT stored at the bottom of the B mine, the remaining unexploited HDT will be distributed to the mining B miners according to the weight of the mining. Conversely, if the B mine is first mined, and the A mine removes the extra HDT stored at the bottom of the A mine, the remaining unfinished HDT will be distributed to the miners of A mine according to the amount of mining. (This part has a lock-up period of 3 months and releases 1/3 per month)
5)Usually we call the mining mode to adjust the winning rate to 95%, and the corresponding odds are 1.036 (the odds are based on the actual line product). That is, for each bet 1 TRX or 1 VENA, several HDTs will be obtained.

Staged mining mode
The staged mining mode has 3 stages:
【First stage】:Initial mining of(HDT)(mining percentage is 10%)
【Second stage】: Running for mining(HDT mining percentage is 65%)
【Third stage】:Last spurt of mining (HDT mining percentage is 25%)
After the completion of the first stage, the miners’ workload will be verified.
The more work in the first phase, the higher the work level, and miners will get more mining bonuses the second phase, ie the mining cost is lower. The proof of work is divided into 10 grades. The grades and bonuses is as the following table. If the miners did not participate in the first stage of mining, the amount of work
awarded is 0. Therefore, the first stage of mining is very important!

Currently you need to bet 3.675 TRON to get 1 HDT on Explorer A and 3.711 to mine 1 HDT on Explorer B, when you start mining you will also be reward VENA token, I’m still getting the details on the VENA distribution.

Conclusion, the site seems very interesting and based on my expirience I can tell games are very fair, I have request a few features to the Developer like a page to verify the rolls, a history page of the dividends we get on all three TRON, HDT and VENA. Developer currently working on making the site stable and faster since rolls speed still needs improvment, overall I would say its very innovative and would like to see the website continue evolving.

Thanks for reading if you I like my post please feel free to leave a comment or upvote on Steemit

Good Luck, Thanks

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