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Golder Games: Dirt Field

Golder Games: Dirt Field

Golder Games is the Master Mind behind the adictive game War Field that is currently on ICO Stage

Here the official trailer of War Field

Golder have recently that they will have a downlable desktop version of War Field and the upcomming new  maps for the game.

We can see that this are not only designs it also seems that they are already testing this maps, one of a War City Field and a second map of an Amusement Park.

It’s great to have such a tokenize game with the economics behind its ecosystem based on crypto currency, on a recent short video one of Golder Games advisor Benjamin Tershana Twitter and Linkedin , has mention that is great to have such a company with a working product during the ICO stage and that its awesome that this company supports crypto currency with a possible value in life, Mr. Tershana also encourage other companies to adopt crypto currencies since many games that have similar economic systems within only work inside the game and not outside. On another of this comments it was very interesting that he mention that as a business person an acquisition from another Gaming Company that would like such platform could be an option in the future for such company as Golder Games.

You can also sing in for their airdrop of 500 tokens: Click Here

Golder Games has also post two pictures of their possible second game release Dirt Field what looks like an open world possible racing game, still not much information about but will keep you posted.

From the pictures above we can see requirements regarding the amount of coins, one is 1k coins to drive that at current price are 0.000927787228 BTC arround $5.99 and the other is 45k coins, this is at their current ICO Stage

As a random and crypto entrepeneur I’m keeping my eye on this games and the possibilities of a community and ecosystem around many games that use one single cryptocurrency, this is great for adoption, the gaming community and Esports is growing rapidly, can’t wait for official release of new games.

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