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GeekCash – GPU Mining Tutorial

GeekCash – GPU Mining Tutorial

At the moment of this post GPU Mining is the way to get the most amount of GeekCash coins possible, on this tutorial you will learn how to mine GeekCash with Nvidia Cards on Windows Operating System since Miner for AMD is not ready yet.

Things that we need to mine:

  • Nvidia Graphic Card
  • Nvidia Cuda 9 Tool Kit
  • GeekCash Wallet
  • GeekCash Miner

You can download latest GeekCash Wallet  GeekCash Github and miner from Quasars84 , its best to allways get the latest version unless there is a critical bug reported

GeekCash Miner 

GeekCash Wallet 

After you have setup GeekCash wallet and got your Wallet Address (Look at the masternode tutorial setup for wallet installation instructions, click Here) extract miner to a folder and then download the configuration file

GeekCash Miner Config  

Download the GeekCash Miner config and safe it into the GeekCash Miner folder, the one Im posting points to Geek.Cryptoxicate.Com Pool.

Here the geekminer.exe and the configuration file .bat

Before you start mining its very important that you have install the latest Nvidia Drivers and Nvidia Cuda 9 Tool Kit, click here to download Cuda 9 Tool Kit

You can start mining GeekCash at

Most of the time you need to decide what pool to use depending on your hashrate, if you dont have that much it could be better to get into a pool with lot of hashrate but if you do have a higher hashrate then get into a pool with less hashrate so you can get more coins per reward from the pool.

You can edit the configuration file with Notepad

This is the configuration:

geekminer.exe -a geek -o stratum+tcp:// -u GeFoYwVfS9zycp2G2JCd3mKwtwhyUfnFBU.Worker1

  • geekminer.exe : is the miner executable
  • -a geek : geek algorithim
  • -0 stratum+tcp:// : pool stratum
  • -u WALLET_ADDRESS.Worker1 : input your wallet address and if you notice it says Worker1, if you have multiple rigs can identify workers (rigs) on the pool by adding .Worker1 (replace worker by any name you like)

after you have done this, double click on the file that you previously download and edit, it will look like this

I have highlighted a few points so you can verify if you are mining correctly:

  1. The pool startum you are mining to
  2. The amount of video cards you are mining with, also mention the model below
  3. You are getting accepted shares

In order to verify on the pool your amount of shares, invalid shares, efficiency and hashrate look at the left side of the pool and input your wallet address as shown on the next image

If you encounter errors when trying to run the miner try installing the following applications

  • Latest version of .Net Microsoft
  • Latest version of your Nvidia Driver
  • Latest version of Microsoft VC++

For any further questions please feel free to contact me at discord ROMBTC or you can ask for help in the channel #mining

Click here to join GeekCash Discord

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