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Folm Coin – How To Run Masternode On Windows

Folm Coin – How to run Masternode on Windows

This tutorial will show you how to run a Folm Coin Masternode on Windows.

Not everyone wants to run a masternode on linux or have the resources to rent a VPS from a  third party, this tutorial will work for you if you would like to run a masternode locally on a Windows Computer.

This is not the only way to run a masternode but if you would like to learn and run multiple masternodes on a local computer with Windows this is the way to go.

Things you need:

  • Static ip
  • Computer that runs on Windows

Pros of running on Windows

  • Easy to manage
  • Windows Graphical Interface
  • No need to know linux
  • No need to rent a vps


  • Electricity
  • Windows computer to run 24/7

Different from running masternode service on a remote VPS the service will run on your local windows computer and its very easy to setup.

Step 1: Install Folm Coin wallet

Setp 2: Open your wallet and let it sync

Step 3: Setup wallet features, go to Settings – Options

Step 4: Click Main tab, enable Start folm on system login

Step 5: Click Wallet Tab, Enable coin control features and Show Masternode Tab

Step 6: Click on Windows Tab, enable Minimize on close

Step 7: Now lets create the wallet for masternode, click on File and select Receiving Addresses

Type in the Lable and then click ok, the lable will be the Alias for the Masternode

Step 8: Copy the mn01 wallet address and send EXACTLY 5,000 Folm coins, not more or less than 5,000 Folm Coins, right click the address and select copy

Step 9: After you send EXACTLY 5,000 Folm Coins to this address the transaction will show up, go to Transactions Tab

Step 10: We will wait for over 15 transactions to proceed

Step 11: After we get more than 15 confirmations click on Tools and go to Debug Console

Step 12: Select the Console tab and write the following commands

  • Masternode genkey: the output will be the masternode private key
  • Masternode outputs: will generate your transaction id and index for masternode

Step 13: Next we will open C:%appdata% on windows explorer and open folm.conf with notepad, write all settings as shown on the screen, save the file

Replace the following with your information:

  • rpc=user (type in any user)
  • rpc=password (type in any password)
  • masternodeaddr= (public static ip address of the machine running the masternode)
  • masternodeprivkey=(your masternode private key)

Step 14: On the same folder open masternode.conf file with notepad and edit with notepad as shown on the screen and then save the file, file syntax is

<masternode alias> <masternodeip:53656> <masternodeprivatekey> <masternodeoutput index>

Input data in the syntax order, data from example masternode

masternode alias= mn01

masternodeip and port 53656

masternode private key= 6yFBvioHuxFbwUk8binvCmzvxe46tPDheTk36FPPXNFXHPxript

masternode output and index= ab1f69e34b017128c9b2308ad4900fa23da529db5cf1609624f8e2f9b3ef6eca 1

Please make sure you include spaces

mn01 masternode ip:53656 6yFBvioHuxFbwUk8binvCmzvxe46tPDheTk36FPPXNFXHPxript ab1f69e34b017128c9b2308ad4900fa23da529db5cf1609624f8e2f9b3ef6eca 1

Step 15: After all this information has been input then go to File and select Exit, start your wallet again and let it sync, after its done syncing go to Masternode tab and Status will show as ENABLED, monitor the status and it should stay enable if you open port 53656 on your router

You can verify if the port is open using the following link, input the public ip and port 53656,

If it says its close make sure that the wallet is open and check again, if the wallet is open but still says its not open then the portforward is not right or there is a network issue, sometimes base model routers or internet providers routers give me a hard time to apply network rules like a port forward.

Doing some research on google found this link that has a lot of guides on how to portforward a port on your router, you can look for your router model on the list

To know if your router is capable of doing this look for the model of the router at the bottom of it, for example lest take a Linksys E900, at the bottom of the router on the sticker says the Model E900

On the previous link provided I found the guide on how to portforward on the Linksys E900

If your router is not listed  look on google “Model of Router port forwarding” in this case “Linksys E900 portforwarding” and many links will probably come up like the one provided before or another example is

Portforward feature is very commong for gaming so Im almost sure you will find documentation available regarding how to do this on your router.

Feel free to contact me at discord or email

Hope this helps

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