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Fishing Master – Review

Fishing Master – Review

On my Daily Dividend Count post some have seen me mention FishingMaster DAPP, today I would like to make a review about it so you have a more comprehensive idea of what the game is about and recent changes that have been applied. Most of the thoughts express on this post are my personal opinion, I’ll do my best to explain what is the site is about and how it works.

Fishing Master Contact Information:

This is the first screen you get when open the website , Fishing Master is from , I’ll do a review on Game latter.

First I will tell you that if you want daily communication with the developers or admins that is not going to happen, they just don’t communicate that much with the community they just do their thing that is develop and make sure the site works.

First thing you will need to use this DAPP is Tronlink, you can click here for the tutorial on how to use Tronlink.

After you are done with Tronlink you need at least 120 TRON, 20 TRON for transactions and 100 TRON for betting. Fishing Master is a betting DAPP where you bet a certain amount of TRON, the minimum bet is 100 TRON. In fishing Master there are two games.

Once the game load you will need to change the Language since the main is Chinese, click on the blue button at the top as shown on the next image and select your language (only Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English)

Here the Game Rules: click on the images








Classic Fishing: you are a fisherman trying to catch as much fish as you can, every time you you throw your bait into the ocean you can bet from 100 TRX to 5000TRX, expecting to catch as much fish as you can. The current ratio is 1 FISH for every 100 TRX you bet.

After you select how much you want to bet you cant either click Cast for manual mode or you can click on Auto Mode so it will keep playing even if you are not at your computer.

Depending on the amount of fish that you catch you will be rewarded TRON and FISH Token, FISH is Fishing Master token, this is a TRC20 token based on TRON, it is limited to 100,000,000 tokens to be issued. 100% of the tokens will be given away to players of this game, this token can not be purchase on any Exchange and there are no current plans for it to be listed on any exchange. The TRC20 contact address is TBXVmYApySCRgqPfAYu9ors4dA7URQ2aET, you can added it to your Tronlink Wallet and transfer FISH.

There is the posibility that you dont get any fish but as reward you get a sea star and get charge only 2 TRON instead of the amount you bet.

There is a second game, Fishing Contest

Fishing Contest: the concept is very simple, you bet either for the entire Result of the game, if Blue Dog or Red Cat wins or a Draw and the second option is the Number of fish caught, here the rules for this game, click on the image.

Same as on classic Fishing you get paid on TRON if you win the bet and for every 100 TRON you bet you get 1 FISH Token.















You can check how much FISH Tokens you have by clicking on the orange button that says FISH in the middle top of the screen, after you click on it will take you to the Fish Tokens window, as shown on the next image it shows the following information:

– Total frozen FISH
– Frozen ratio
– Total gifted FISH
– Total FISH
– Available rewards (pool rewards)
– Estimate your rewards
– Freezable FISH
– Frozen FISH

In order for you to get daily rewards you need to Freeze your FISH, as on the previous image you click on Freeze and then Confirm, every 24 hours the Available rewards are spread between the FISH token holders.

Initially rewards were given only on TRON now the GAME Token has been implemented and rewards are split between GAME and TRON, you get both, GAME current market price is 0.0204 TRON per GAME Token. On the previous image if you click on History at the top left you get the history of every dividend payment you get.

They have recently implement VIP status on the site

This VIP status is based on your total wager every 24 hours, after the 24 hours expire your total wager stays and accumulate, as shown on the previous image level 1 or V1 is for users with a total wager over 1 million TRON, you get 10% extra Fish on that day.

Fishing Master will be implementing GTC Token next on the site, this game is a lot of fun and has the best graphics from most TRON DAPPS, initially dividend payments were big but lately volume has decrease, you can either gamble or play to mine the FISH token, you can use any strategy that you like, in the long run you will be in profit from the daily dividends you get and that’s the good thing about Gambling Tokens.

The only thing that I don’t like about this game so far is that too many tokens are being involve, I’ll do a Revisit Post in the next few weeks probably once GTC token is implemented and we have more information about it.

If you like this game feel free to use my referral link by clicking here, it helps to keep the site going and expanding

Thanks for reading if you I like my post please feel free to leave a comment or upvote on Steemit

Good Luck, Thanks

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