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Ethereum Common Staking Pool – Stake ETHEREUM With Less

Ethereum common staking pool – Stake ETHEREUM with less

**Always take in consideration non of this information is financial advice or official announcement from any specific project, I’m no financial advisor, trader or expert, this is just my personal opinion on certain project mention on this article, cryptocurrencies are extreme high risk assets and you must do you own research, never follow what I or other people say on internet**

Ethereum common staking pool – Stake ETHEREUM with less

It was just a matter of time before exchanges and other staking pool jump in to open common staking pools where people who want to stake Ethereum but dont have the 32 ETH to stake can start with ways less, at the moment the most popular are (besides coinbase):

Both with the end goal to let others who have way less ETH to stake, usually there could be multiple key factors to take in consideration before you jump in to a service like this, first is fees, you need to keep in mind that this pool is not for free and most likely you will have to pay a fee for getting into the pool and probably to get out of the pool, also some other platforms are calling it staking when it’s actually farming and there are the difference between both.

– Staking: if you stake any coin in this case Ethereum then you will earn stake rewards on Ethereum, meaning you will be paid in Ethereum and no other coin
– Farming: you stake your Ethereum but then in exchange you get some other coin, most of the time and ERC20 token

IMO staking has the only advantage that you don’t have to go through the exchange process to then get Ethereum out of your rewards if you are farming but then again this is Ethereum and its future potential is massive considering that it’s not even at all time highs.

Ethereum Daily Chart

Ethereum common staking pool - Stake ETHEREUM with less
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During this bull run Ethereum was actually lagging behind Bitcoin and I thought this could be bad and it was but not necessary for ETH although for altcoins in the BTC department was really bad, some of them kept dropping without stop and during that time Ethereum was just holding its ground untill it start leading the altcoin season where we are at the moment and I believe it’s not over yet, Ethereum is most likely to hit all time highs during 2021 as Bitcoin will too, nobody can tell whats going to happen in the future but based on the charts you can have an idea of what are the good and bad scenario and the plan is to be prepare to react to both scenarios in case any of the two happen, TA is not about predicting the future but about been prepare to what may happen. In the case of ETH most likely the way is up just as Bitcoin did to $19k from $12k.

Retesting the 20EMA would be extremely healthy for ETHEREUM at this moment, releasing some sellers pressure and respecting the previous week lows to keep moving sideways potentially for the rest of the year for the next leg up.
Ethereum common staking pool - Stake ETHEREUM with less
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“Stkr is a decentralized protocol and platform that combines staking and DeFi, implementing elements from traditional staking with non-custodial management, Micropools, instant liquidity and decentralized governance.”

Today lets focus on


As mention Stkr combines DeFi with staking Ethereum, so basically you send them Ethereum and you get aETH a ERC20 Token, the smallest deposit to stake on their pool is 0.5 ETH, at the moment of this post Ethereum price is $615.06 based on Coingecko, 0.5 ETH would represent $307.53, they have a calculator so you can have an idea of how much you will be getting but it doesn’t work that well since the price on the calculator is wrong at the moment, this pool doesn’t seem to be that big now with only 7581.5 ETH staked report on their main page and 636 stakers, not sure how accurate is that.

Stkr is powered by Ankr so they also allowed you to earn Ankr as a side income if you run a node. On the platform there are three roles:

1- Staker: anyone who deposit their ETH on the site since the minimum amount to earn rewards when staking Ethereum is 32 ETH

2- Node Provider: you can be a node provider, most likely Stkr strategy is to be the middle point between those who have a full
node or hardware to run one, you need to deposit a minimum of 2 ETH and you can earn staking rewards and fees from the platform, also the most important thing is that any ETH deposit will stay locked until the next phase of ETHEREUM 2.0 is release.

3- Governors: their governance token is not ready yet or at least no info on the site, but Im sure it will be something like most governance tokens where you can vote on the platform decisions if you have a certain amount of tokens.

Stkr has come up with micropools, as mention this are things that have been develop in the past with large staking pools back in the day 2018 when there were a bunch of staking coins, if enough ETH is in the platforms they can just start collecting ETH from smaller stakers until there is enough to start assembling full ETH Nodes of 32 each and then split rewards with smaller stakers, that’s not rocket science but what in this case “could” be a plus is their synthetic token aETH that you will be able to trade anytime but keep in mind that it would depend how succesful the platform is since this service is not hard to run, the hard part is to get all this ETH from smaller holders who want to stake ETH too but in this case if I understand correct you are not getting bETH at least for now but aETH so you basically staking ETH for a token that essentially at first has no value and could MOON or HADES it all depends on the marketing of the platform.

Here the Model

Ethereum common staking pool - Stake ETHEREUM with less
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Here the Distribution Rewards
Ethereum common staking pool - Stake ETHEREUM with less
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Dont get me wrong Im not bashing the platform it’s just that for me the idea is too risky for anyone investing on staking pools for the following reasons:

1- Not official staking process

2- Honeypot to get hacked or exploit

3- Not getting rewards in official ETH staking token bETH or ETH itself

4- Platform success relies 100% on marketing

Although they do have a large amount of ETH, 7K ETH is no joke, if anything I wouldn’t run a node or go big because we don’t know yet how ETH staking is going to work 100% because it depends on phase 2, so if you don’t have 32 ETH probably just start small with 0.1 or 0.2 ETH on the platform and stay staking until phase 2 is release or just keep your ETH, cryptocurrencies are an asset that you can use to outperform most traders on this planet by just holding for a few years or sometimes a few months.

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Good Luck, Thanks

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