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ESBC Cryptocurrency Project Review

Bitcoin Talk:

ESBC is a betting platform based on their own blockchain with the ESBC coin based on other cryptocurrencies like Pivx, Dash, and Bitcoin, as the two Masternode OG cryptocurrencies Dash and Pivx ESBC is also a masternode coin with three levels of masternodes, the team is currently working on a platform with goals in mind, as stated on their whitepaper this are the main goals:

• Anonymity
• Minimal number of third parties in betting
• Speed and decentralization
• Low commission due to the rejection of traditional financial systems


ESBC currently has a working product that is their betting platform, it has gone through several modifications since the coin was created, the last one the most stable and looks good too, ESBC is not only focus on regular sports like football and basketball,   it also includes e-sports so you can bet with full anonimity on your favorite CS, LOL and many others

ESBC Technical Specifications

Consensus Algorithm: PoS
P2P port : 32322
Block time : 60 / 120 seconds – After April update
Algorithm of difficulty: Dark Gravity Wave v3.0
Block size : 1 MB / 2MB – After April update
PoS Maturity: 240 minutes
Transaction confirmations : 6 block
Feature : 4 level collateral, SwiftX
Protocol Support : IPV4, IPV6, TOR
Collateral levels : Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum
Collaterals size : 5 000 / 25 000 / 50 000 / 250 000 ESBC
Max supply:25 481 245 by 2022 year

At first glance seems that ESBC is a fork of DASH taking advantage of this great technology they have come up with four levels of masternodes:

• ESBC Bronze: Required coins 5,000 / Annual ROI 77.77%
• ESBC Silver: Required coins 25,000 / Annual ROI 77.65%
• ESBC Gold: Required coins 50,000 / Annual ROI 74.33%
• ESBC Platinum: Required coins 250,000 / Annual ROI 78.29%
Data from

Each of this levels require an specific amount of coins with very high Annual ROI compare to other masternode coins, I have ask on ESBC telegram channel if this information is reliable and the answer was YES, in my own personal opinion most of the time I dont like Annual ROI so high but price has been very stable since March even with all the ups and downs on the crypto market and even after some technical issues the coin had before.

Masternodes is only one of the first attributes that attract investors but the main event of ESBC is its betting platform with the following main features:

• Registration without identity verification
• Guarantee of players’ anonymity
• Absence of a third party during financial operations
• Loyal attitude to professional cappers
• Preferential terms if cryptocurrency ESBC is used

ESBC can be trade on the following exchanges:

The Betting Platform:

Its very easy and intuitive to use the platform itself, first you need to open the mainsite and click on PLACE A BET

After this it will open the Betting Platfor, click on login on the top right corner and choose your login option: Discord, Facebook or Vkontakte

Its no secret that Facebook is not the most trusty of the three options, I would go with Discord even all three are centralize platforms

To your left you will find the E-Sports section, just click where it sasy E-Sports and all the upcoming games will show up depending leagues, see next image

I will proceed to buy some ESBC a place a few bets so I can show you on video how to use the wallet and the platform itself.

On paper ESBC seems very solid as we can see on Coinmarketcap and other masternode monitoring sites like the price seems very stable.

This are all the technical aspects of this coin, on the surface the project looks very good I have been checking out their social media and looks very professional this is one of the key points for me on any project since social media is the main communication any crypto project has with their community and their chat channels like discord and telegram.

I wanted to make this review to get more information about the project and make a decision if finally jump in, I have seen may other esports betting platforms go out but dont really make it, ESBC seems to have a shot the reason why I think this is because how strong their community is, after a strong community the second step is adoption they need to push the platform and make a big effort on marketing so the word can be spread and more people start using the platform, if you visit ESBC youtube channel there are many tutorials in other languages like russian and spanish.

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Good Luck, Thanks

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