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EpicDice – Steemit Review

EpicDice – Steemit Review

I have been on STEEMIT for almost a year and at first didn’t understand a couple of its features, now with the upcoming Smart Media Tokens a lot is going to change, we are starting to see Decentralize Applications (DAPPS) on STEEMIT become more popular and here is where EpicDice come to play.


EpicDice is a Decentralize Dice Game and the rules are very simple, you can bet 0.1 STEEM to 50, you can also bet using SBD (Steem Dollars), the dice game is very simple to play and instructions too.

When you open the site at the top you have the login button, to login to EpicDice you will need STEEMIT KEYCHAIN, this is a browser addon for Chrome and Firefox that lets you load your STEEMIT account credentials so you can interact with STEEMIT DAPPS.



After you click login input your STEEMIT account and it will use Keychain to pull the credentials

After you login to the site it will show your balance and you can start playing.

Here the instructions based on the image above.

  1. First shows the amount of STEEM tokens you have available to bet with.
  2. Shows the amount of Steem Backed Dollars you can bet with.
  3. Input the amount of STEEM or SBD you want to bet with, default if STEEM if not select SBD, click on SBD on point #2
  4. Move the bar depending on the win probability desire, the higher the less you get paid, the lower the more you get paid.
  5. Shows your wining probability based on where you move the bar on point #4
  6. Shows the multiplier selected, the higher WIN PROBABILITY the HIGHER the multiplier, 6.2 shows the amount you will be paid.

The leader board prizes look very juicy and its early enough so you can be a winner, you can already win STEEM by Resteem it and be part of the top 10 on the leader board.

Depending on how much you wager the prizes increase, you may win STEEM tokens betting and also by staying at the top three, here the different levels, the higher the wager the higher the prizes, up to 300 STEEM.

At the bottom of the screen you will have the record of bets being done, by you and others users, click on All Bets or My Bets.

More details about the game are shown on the top left menu where the two bars are, click on them and the following info will show up.

My Opinion: I really like the site, I like the fact that it works right from the start, never had problems with it and its find it fair enough so you can play for a good amount of time and can make some profit, I would not advice you to go all in since the site is new and token is not out yet, the team has mention that the token will be ready in about a month.

I hope that dice is not the only game, to attract new players more games need to be develop since dice is a classic between all casino dapps.

Improve: there is not much to improve on the dice game, very straight forward and the UI is very intuitive.

I dont like the colors too much, look sad but thats just my taste, for others may look fine, in the future a UI  refresh would be nice.

Cons: EpicDice token is not out yet, developers said it may take a month or less, for me thats probably a bit too much time although I will keep playing since they also mention all current bets will be taken in consideration.

Questions: My only question is the token distribution ratio, how many tokens we will get for each STEEM we bet.

I hope you enjoy this post, I try it as clear as possible, soon will make the video version and upload it to youtube (

Feel free to use my EpicDice referal link, that will give me a little kickback to keep this post coming and improving content everyday.

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Good Luck, Thanks

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