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Cointelegraph Interview Changpeng Zhao Before The Bitcoin Halving

Cointelegraph Interview Changpeng Zhao before the Bitcoin Halving

Article original from Cointelegraph:
As you all know I usually write about Bitcoin and Altcoin Projects but we also need to pay attention to what big icons on the crypto market think and say and how they behave, I do think Changpeng Zhao is an excellent example of a business man and crypto entrepreneur, here what caught my attention and thoughts about what this master mind thinks

1- Cointelepgrah: Is BTC a safe heaven?

CZ Answer:
“There are a lot of people asking if Bitcoin is a safe haven, and we see a lot of confusion around the topic. When we talk about safe havens or the storage of value of a certain asset, we should take the context into consideration. There are a lot of factors affecting the value of an asset, and it also varies during different times. We cannot say an asset is always a safe haven. Bitcoin’s price drop is not the result of a single factor. We need to consider the overall crypto market and even the macro economic conditions. There are different dynamics in play.”

Can not agree more with CZ, after many videos for the mas 8 days this is something I have been commenting of my videos, we agree that at some point printing money will be useless and we have seen this in the past but at the moment Bitcoin is still not the safe heaven that everybody dreams off, its currently affected by other factors outside of crypto like the current health and financial crisis we currently living in, even if whales agree to hold at some point they wont be able to keep the price up, don’t turn bullish or bearish without a plan without a true reason without a fact that can somehow backup your theory, if so then just buy and forget about it and come back in 10 years.

CZ Answer:
When the financial market has lost trillions of dollars, it will affect the crypto market. If fiat crashes, the crypto market cannot solve the issue. But as far as Bitcoin is concerned, it has limited supply, which stays unchangeable in any scenario. So, I would say Bitcoin is a relatively safe haven.

2-  Cointelepgrah: Binance has grown sharply from the initial trading platform built up in 2017 to a whole ecosystem. What is your vision and consideration?

My Thoughts:
CZ starts talking about all the different projects on Binance as most of them we already know of or currently using, like leverage, fiat gateways, Binance DEX, binance tokens but there was something very interresting BINANCE CLOUD, I didnt know of this mostly because I dont actually follow news only the BTC chart but there is not much to do so lets talk a bit about altcoins

CZ Answer: (Part of it)
The other approach we’re pursuing is the introduction of Binance Cloud. Binance KR, the first digital asset exchange fully powered by Binance Cloud, launched today. Binance Cloud is an infrastructure solution for partners to launch digital asset exchanges by leveraging Binance’s technology, security and liquidity. In five years going forward, Binance Cloud exchanges will overtake and contribute the majority of trading volume.

In the future, the Open Platform initiative may also encompass the Binance P2P platform and Binance Chain. Binance’s P2P platform serves as an open marketplace, facilitating direct trades between users and merchants. The Binance Chain is a public blockchain initiated by Binance and built through joint efforts of the community. So far, a lot of projects have migrated to Binance Chain. The quality of the projects is pretty high. Hopefully, more projects and developers will build on Binance Chain.

My Thoughts:
There are many approaches to decentralization, p2p communication is probably the first of them, I have use p2p apps since i was very young, most of us use any type of torrent client like deluge or utorrent, transmitting information p2p, seems Binance looks to implement a cloud based decentralize infrastructure; Im not talking about the blockchain yet, a fully decentralize operation cloud base that can not be shutdown, you would probably need to shut down the internet for this to happen; the pirate bay…ring any bells, but this time we would have a p2p market where ppl can go in from there phone and trade or hold any crypto assets they want in a secure and transparent maner, the financial aspect is just the cherry on top, they look to pull as much traffic and volume from the crypto market as most likely they have done since Binance birth on 2017, sounds right to hold some BNB tokens right?

3 – Cointelepgrah: Bitcoin’s halving is approaching and everybody is talking about it. What do you expect from it?

CZ Answer:
The speed of new supply will decrease, and demand is increasing. So, I think the logic is quite simple.

“I don’t comment on price. I will let everyone make their own judgments. Especially now with the Fed printing so much money, the effect will be real. Some people say I am the counter signal, haha. So they should sell every day, as I am bullish everyday. Probably won’t work out too well.”

My Thoughts:
As a business owner I understand CZ answer and I would also be Bullish on crypto if my business depends on it, Im not saying he is bias but just as he said himself …Probably wont work too well….CZ is a very smart guy, it amaze me how much he has accomplish in such a short term, some disagree with exchanges like Binance or Bitmex but you also need to understand that besides what time of project they are related to centralized or decentralize those are still business that produce real money, until crypto overtakes fiat it will not change, they will keep innovating and making decisions most of us at some point may not agree but thats just business.

This is just my impression of this interview, I invite you to read the entire article, in my opinion Cointelegraph is still a very unbiased crypto news source and I really enjoy their questions and the answers from CZ, this was a great way to start my day.

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