Recently I have been doing some research on how to promote the content I create, I know that I’m not the most charismatic when it comes to record videos, believe me I try; but there are other things that I enjoy about content creation and its writing and design, its because of this that I have been looking for platforms where I can post my content.
During this process I found Project Cent, this articule is just a briefing of what the project is and a few screens, I will post a series of videos probably three videos that will split in the following topics: 1- What is Cent, 2- How to use Cent, 3- How to earn with Cent.

As describe by Max Brody co founder of , “Cent is a complex technology with a simple interface and an even simpler mission: to enable anyone to earn income from anywhere.”

Here the project information:
– Website:
– Telegra:
– Medium:

Home Screen

Home Screen

It is my understanding that the main concept of Cent is to create a real social network where users can interact with each other and enable to earn income from anywhere, because today social network arent social networks, we as human are social and share content through this centralize sites.

As shown on previous image on the left side if you select account will bring to a screen with the following options, Balance, Wallet and Settings.




Under wallet it will ask you to sync your Metamask wallet, a web based Ethereum wallet.

Cent as other social networks based on block chain main goal is to achieve full decentralization wile content creators in this case everyone who post content either by posting an article, video or even commenting can make an income from this interaction, different from conventional social networks like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and others, the company is value on billions wile we are the ones feeding them with content.

Cent runs contracts over the Ethereum network and basically content creators can get rewarded or reward others, for example I can make this post and someone can seed it (send a tip) and then everyone else who seed after the first seed gets a part of it, part for the author and part for the seeders. Also I can make a post requesting a task and put up a bounty for it, whoever accomplish the task gets the bounty.

Cent is currently on its Beta version but running fine without many bugs or troubles, in the future the platform will have its own token ERC20, the Cent Token, users of the platform call them self Centians as it continuously grows.

Documentation on the site is very explicit, there are basic rules, a very extensive FAQ that I read and has every question you can imagine regarding the platform, here the direct link


What I like the most of Cent is the simplicity of the design, looks so light and convenient besides the financial aspect that makes it another option in the blockchain social networks for content creators to make some crypto in this case some ETH for now until the Cent Token is release.

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Good Luck, Thanks

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