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ALWAYS ONLY INVEST WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOOSE, THATS CRYPTO GOLDEN RULE. Hi everyone, this article is a tutorial about one of the most recent and innovative DAILY ROI SMART CONTRACTS running on top of TRON, Bankroll ( Before you start with this tutorial, watch my DAILY ROI CONTRACT so you can understand the basics of this type of contract WATCH VIDEO On this tutorial I will be as most specific as I can, it will be a bit long but will try to explain all the content, windows and popup messages within the site. BANKROLL main target is longevity and fairness for its…

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It comes from honest investors to say that CRYPTO IS NOT A SAFE PLACE, at least not for now. When we talk about investing into crypto most will tell you to only invest what you can afford to loose and thats because there are some situations that nobody can control. For me the simplest way to explain a DAILY ROI CONTRACT is imagine that the CONTRACT is a vault but this vault doesn't have a key or combination and CAN NOT BE OPEN under any circumstances, not even the owner or the person who build the vault can open it, its impenetrable. At the same…

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Fishing Master Gameplay

Classic Fishing Master Gameplay, start casting, get some fish token and freeze them to get that daily passive income, very simple and fun as you can see, I spend quite some time on this game when ever start playing on my phone, get a couple of stars so you can get that bonus. Thanks for reading if you I like my post please feel free to leave a comment or upvote on Steemit Good Luck, Thanks

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I CANT GUARANTEE THIS WILL WORK WITH EVERY TRON DAPP or FOR EVER, DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK As you may notice TRON NETWORK is having some issues so you cant login to your favorite DAPP, with this custom node from Guildchat you will be able to login Settings: fullNode: solidity: eventServer: This changes can be done under the settings of Tronlink At the top it shows how the Node information shows once you click Add Node, just type in the information provided for the Node and click Add Node This is a temporary Node, I would not advice to use…

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Hi, if you are reading this tutorial then you want to get into TRON DAPPS (Decentralize Applications) either for just pure gaming or for making some extra TRON. Tronlink is a wallet that works into your browser as a plugin, it works with Chrome Browser and also with Brave Browser, in my opinion its easier to use with Chrome Browser, first you need to install Chrome Browser (Click Here). After you have finish installing Chrome Browser or if you already have it then we need to go to Chrome Web Store and download Tronlink, you can click this link to download (Click Here). After you…

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TRONbet players are starting to think more and more how to get ANTE token, some have come with strategies on how to bet and others have been trading on the site chat and we all know how dangerous is that. A small group of TRONbet users have come up with a plan to make OTC (Over The Counter Trading) of the ANTE TOKEN a safe procedure for both sides the seller and the buyer, this users are: @Fatmacedonian - [Rated top 10 in Leaderboard on TronBet!] - with Wallet Name Ante_Broker1 and Wallet Address TMc653br1ndZhxPjjtmzhzh5dwvMnpu54T @Tronics_Dude - with Wallet Name Ante_Broker2 and Wallet Address TLqiMfo8g7WxRw4HbXxuv6fkQ5mMmT52UK…

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Folm Coin Masternode Setup on Windows (Video Version)

Hi, I have just upload a tutorial on how to setup Folm Coin Masternode on Windows for those who want to run it on Windows or just dont like/want to work with Linux. Folm Coin Config Files The main purpose of this channel is educational, none of the videos or information provided are financial advice, I'm not a financial advisor, this is just my opinion

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Cryptoxicate GeekCash Mining Pool

Start mining GeekCash at Pool GPU Config: geekminer.exe -a geek -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET_ADDRESS CPU Config: cpuminer.exe -a geek -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET_ADDRESS Here some tutorials on how to start mining GeekCash CPU Mining: GPU Mining: CPU Miner: GPU Miner Nvidia Windows: GPU Miner Nvidia Linux: GeekCash Discord: Any questions msg me at discord @ROM#3234 or email Have Fun

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Folm Coin – How to run Masternode on Windows

This tutorial will show you how to run a Folm Coin Masternode on Windows. Not everyone wants to run a masternode on linux or have the resources to rent a VPS from a  third party, this tutorial will work for you if you would like to run a masternode locally on a Windows Computer. This is not the only way to run a masternode but if you would like to learn and run multiple masternodes on a local computer with Windows this is the way to go. Things you need: Static ip Computer that runs on Windows Pros of running on Windows Easy to manage…

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