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InstaDEX Review – First Thoughts

InstaDEX is a crypto currency community driven, one of the most important aspects of the project is transparency, in my opinion they want to emphasize this because one of the targets of InstaDEX is to become at first a wallet that can do atomic swaps instantly within the wallet itself and have a web version of a Decentralize Exchange same as mobile app, can't have a Reputable Exchange without transparency. This crypto currency his a hybrid between POW/POS/DEX, POW is over at the moment and POS kick in, users can currently run a masternode or stake their coins, POS give an advantage regarding security and decentralization, the masternode network help avoiding failure of the network. Masternode owners are rewarde 70% of the block reward…

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MYCE Coin – Success & Review

MYCE coin is the perfect example that not everything that starts slow or stagnate in crypto is a failure, I remember stepping into MYCE back in December 2017 on ( YCE Contact Info: Website: Discord: Medium: Telegram: Twitter: Github: MYCE OG Logo   When it came out it was consider just another masternode coin since there was this fever for masternode coins, some even said this coin was dead since the start due to high POS APR. People need to understand that there are aggressive marketing tactics to attract investors, one of them is high POS APR but…

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MasterNode OS – Review

The information provided on this article is not financial advice and is only for education porpuse as the main goal of this site is to bring news and tutorials crypto related Hi guys, I'm allways looking for new projects with potential upside, low cap coins are extremely risky and I cant emphasize this anymore but with high risk comes high reward, now days with the lack of platforms to track your crypto MNOS (Masternode Operating System) a brand new project is trying to bring an all in one solution for Masternodes, some of the features we already have with websites like or but…

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Folm Coin & Folm Universe

Here I will highlight what I consider the important things and what have been my experience with this coin after three months of holding a couple of masternodes. Folm Coin came out to the public on Feb. 2018, as the second coin with the PHI1612 algorithm after Luxcoin did it, Folm is a combination of different technologies including Bitcoin Core, Bulwark and some others not specified. By adjusting key subjects in the structure of a cryptocurrency, Folm development has decidied to be a new payment system where problems like transaction speed, block time, block size and other features that will be added with time will improve…

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War Field

For those who have play any FPS in the past as soon as you see the banner you can imagine whats like to play War Field, this game might not be a revolutionary idea but different from 90% of crypto related projects, IT HAS A WORKING PRODUCT, they basically trying change the economics and try to make this an easier platform for users to withdraw game tokens or even make them have value on real world since you will be able to exchange this tokens on crypto exchanges soon. War Field runs on the Unity gaming engine, using a ERC20 token cold GLDR, this needs…

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