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Playing HASHDICE on Cellphone

Me just playing some HASHDICE on my cellphone using the Guildchat mobile wallet, I'll do a tutorial on how to use it latter this week, enjoy. Thanks for reading if you I like my post please feel free to leave a comment or upvote on Steemit Good Luck, Thanks

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HashDice Site Info: URL: Telegram: Discord: Whitepaper: On this article Ill try to explain the best I can and then as questions or changes come up with do an update on my post. A new Casino type DAPP has come to the scene and some describe as the ASIAN TRONBET, with very similar deisgn and structure HashDice is under BETA release, some say its just a copy cat but the layout between most of this Gambling DAPPS is very similar, each new DAPP is evolving from the previous one and adapting to their users and market demands each one trying to innovate…

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Fishing Master – Review

On my Daily Dividend Count post some have seen me mention FishingMaster DAPP, today I would like to make a review about it so you have a more comprehensive idea of what the game is about and recent changes that have been applied. Most of the thoughts express on this post are my personal opinion, I'll do my best to explain what is the site is about and how it works. Fishing Master Contact Information: Telegram: Twitter: This is the first screen you get when open the website , Fishing Master is from , I'll do a review on Game latter. First…

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October 30th, 2018 was my first post about TRONBET, back in the day the mining stage was just starting if I'm not mistaken it was the first stage, as show on the next image payouts were really good compare to now days but the game is about keeping up with inflation, to fight back inflation I have been buying 50 ANTE every day. To use this DAPP you will need TRONLINK, click here to visit TRONLINK HOW TO, TUTORIAL There are new Casino websites TRON based, some will keep running and may have high volume for the first days, as any other chart the volume…

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TronDice – Review

In the past I have cover TRON Dapps like Hitdapps and TRONBet but after this two pioneers on the TRON ecosystem of Dapps we get possible new starts in this case TronDice Website: Same as this other two Dapps the name says it all its a Dice Game were you can DICE, possibly increment your amount of Tron depending on how good you are at playing Dice Online and at the same time generate the DICE Token. From the founder and social ambassador of TRON we have seen a lot of support for the upcoming Dapps, on Nov 2, 2018 @justinsuntron post @justinsuntron has shown…

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ViralRoll – GEEKCASH

Hi everyone, I have been working in the background lately trying to smooth the process of how to keep my business on real life at float and at the same time trying to keep up with my blog, at the moment this is just a hobby to document and rights and wrongs with crypto. Since day one I have been a supporter of GEEKCASH, after the coin came out the team have been working on this token creating an ecosystem around it, as any other project there are foundations that need to be build that take time and users dont see exactly whats going on…

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TRONbet players are starting to think more and more how to get ANTE token, some have come with strategies on how to bet and others have been trading on the site chat and we all know how dangerous is that. A small group of TRONbet users have come up with a plan to make OTC (Over The Counter Trading) of the ANTE TOKEN a safe procedure for both sides the seller and the buyer, this users are: @Fatmacedonian - [Rated top 10 in Leaderboard on TronBet!] - with Wallet Name Ante_Broker1 and Wallet Address TMc653br1ndZhxPjjtmzhzh5dwvMnpu54T @Tronics_Dude - with Wallet Name Ante_Broker2 and Wallet Address TLqiMfo8g7WxRw4HbXxuv6fkQ5mMmT52UK…

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TRONbet dividends payment second round is on its way, we are going to see more often the green and red colors since Im very focus on TRONbet more than anything else, FOMOTRON Im not that invested as before since on this second round a lot of people knows about it and I could make that much of a profit even with a substancial 28k keys at the moment when there was less than 100 people of its Telegram, unfortunaltely the round ended due to technical problems that were fix for second round. Now lets get to the meat and potatoes of this post, ANTE TOKEN,…

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Ethereum Classic to $50.00

After Ethereum Classic was added to Coinbase for a couple of days was #11 on Coinmarketcap, such temporary achievement is very important, leaving behind coins like Tron and Monero. We have to take in consideration that even that ETC is not actually trying to take ETH out of business but to coexist with it and with other block chains in the space. For 2018 the most important target for Ethereum Classic has been implementing side chains in the original structure of ETC, this would enable fast and simple operation with UI components or Dapps. ETC development team is very focus to make easy the use…

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GeekCash GPU Benchmark

Hi everyone, the intention of this article is to serve as a base so for new users who want to start mining GeekCash can have an idea of how much mega hash they can get from their cards and how many coins may get depending on difficulty, remember this is not exact since it would depend on different factors like difficulty, temperature, power, memory of the GPU and for last I dont have profetional hardware equipment for testing neither I'm a professional overclocker, I'm just trying to help others gathering basic knowledge and I'll improve every other project like this that I do. This is the hardware used on the test…

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