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If you have follow my blog for some time you know that I love STEEM and Im always trying to find new ways to generate more STEEM with my content, here comes TIPU a platform that you can pay for promoting your post but you can also invest within the platform, TIPU is very fair and profitable for now, its consider to be possibly the second most profitable platform to delegate STEEM POWER and their token price is constantly going up at the moment of this review the token is at 1.2 STEEM per token, check out this video and let me know your opinion…

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ESBC Cryptocurrency Project Review Website: Explorer: Github: Coinmarketcap: Reddit: Facebook: Twitter: Medium: Discord: Telegram: Youtube: Bitcoin Talk: ESBC is a betting platform based on their own blockchain with the ESBC coin based on other cryptocurrencies like Pivx, Dash, and Bitcoin, as the two Masternode OG cryptocurrencies Dash and Pivx ESBC is also a masternode coin with three levels of masternodes, the team is currently working on a platform with goals in mind, as stated on their whitepaper this are the main goals: • Anonymity • Minimal number of third parties in betting •…

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FRAGTOKEN has a solid community so far and there is an incentive to hold this token since its a deflationary model of token so far with a very nice pace of development, the team is trying to get as much volume possible to the DAPPS they have develop that involve the FRAGTOKEN, you can also stake the token on the FRAGBOX and get daily dividends depending on volume of the other dapps, check out this small video I put out explaining the basics and how it works, very easy and simple concept. Website: Discord: Twitter: Telegram: *** *** If you like…

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Crypto Paradise – REVIEW

... Everyone is use to casino DAPPS or some sort of contract that multiplies your crypto but we are starting to see a shift on this behavior we are starting to see mobile games and other platforms like this upcoming project Crypto Paradise, its different concept and most important the community will have a stake on all the projects of the Crypto Paradise Ecosystem. *** *** If you like the content please click on the first banner at the start of the article that helps or you can upvote this post at Good Luck, Thanks

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... Here my video review on the TRONTOPIA project, latter today Im planing on doing a written post going through the whitepaper as I have done with other projects, a TRON DAPP that aims to target casino users with several innovative token models that will change for better and incentivize users to hold this tokens to earn daily dividends based on fair and solid games for a long last platform. If after watching this video you still like to use this DAPP feel free to support this channel by using this link TRONTOPIA: *** *** If you like the content please click on the…


... Recently I have been doing some research on how to promote the content I create, I know that I'm not the most charismatic when it comes to record videos, believe me I try; but there are other things that I enjoy about content creation and its writing and design, its because of this that I have been looking for platforms where I can post my content. During this process I found Project Cent, this articule is just a briefing of what the project is and a few screens, I will post a series of videos probably three videos that will split in the following…

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Coffee and Crypto 0007 – ALT COINS IM WATCHING

... With the recent rebound of BTC price Alt Coins are suffering a lot and some really good projects are extremely devaluated, dont fool yourself BTC is still KING and will continue to go up before the halving, if the bulls can maintain momentum and keep the price up at least to consolidate over 13k BTC is up for another run, BTC price may go over 20k before the end of the year, this is just speculation and my own opinion but with the recent run I think thats the stentiment of the market, here I upload a video with the altcoins Im currently watching…


... I was introduce to Dominance from one of the community members over their Telegram, Crypto Nomad, I have read their whitepaper and seen most of the youtube videos regarding this project, this is a honest and unbiased review, I am participating on their bounty program, so yes I own some tokens already. - Website: - Telegram: Dominance goal is to be a decentralized application platform on the IOST Blockchain where they want to develop multiple dapps in the casino and gaming area, the team have study the market and wants to implement a more stable and consistent way to get a passive…

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GAEX.COM DAPP is an ICO and may go WRONG

This video is for those who are new to the TRON DAPP SPACE or even CRYPTO, Im sorry if you are invested on this project but looks like just another gambling site where there is no skills involve as just to gues where the price will land if up and down and besides they are saying GEX is not an ICO although they are fixing the price for the first two million tokens besides the 5% they are taking from your TRON EVEN IF YOU WIN THE TRADE, watch the video and take your own conclusions but this needs to be known by those…

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EpicDice – Steemit Review

I have been on STEEMIT for almost a year and at first didn't understand a couple of its features, now with the upcoming Smart Media Tokens a lot is going to change, we are starting to see Decentralize Applications (DAPPS) on STEEMIT become more popular and here is where EpicDice come to play. Url: Steemit: Discord: EpicDice is a Decentralize Dice Game and the rules are very simple, you can bet 0.1 STEEM to 50, you can also bet using SBD (Steem Dollars), the dice game is very simple to play and instructions too. When you open the site at the top…

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