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Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards are dying

Besides the fact that until today RTX 2080Ti is pretty bad for mining now seems that founder edition cards are dying for multiple reasons. What worries the most is that there has been many reports from users of cards that are dead right from the box, open the box install the card no pulse Right after the launch of the RTX Turing, a good amound of 2080Ti just keep dying for multiple reasons but until now Nvidia denied that there is a manufacture or design issue with the cards, its not enough that Nvidia themself keep selling the 10 series like they dont want their…

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Im Back on Crypto

Hi everyone, I have been out of the scene for about a month and fifteen days not because I quit crypto it was because I had to take care of other business, the site for me is a long term project hope I can bring usefull information to others on the internet and help expand crypto, doesnt matter if its a startup project or the king itself BITCOIN. During all this time I was away I was basically running masternodes and mining, no trading at all but I want to get back in business, trade bit more and look for new oportunities, going to go…

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Daily Recap #00001

Hi Everyone to keep things organize and others can have an idea of how much you can make either mining certain coins or running masternode I have decided to make a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Recap of my passive earnings such as mining, masternodes, referrals and content creation, and any other form of passive income crypto related. Remember that in mining, staking and masternodes difficulty may vary depending on the coin and also at the time you see the post. Recently I started documenting my crypto projects and right after I open my mining farm the bear market hit, I started my mining farm on…

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BitcoinCash Centralized

The main reason I made this post is because crypto is about decentralization and equal oportunity for everyone, not for only a few. There are many ways a coin or any project can be centralized or manipulated and the math is easy it’s when one single entity holds a high amount of it, in this case its BITMAIN, they recently came out with promotional material of their IPO but that’s not the topic here, for all the Bitcoin Cash BITMAIN holds 1,021,316 Bitcoin Cash Tokens, this amount of coins is absurd, they can just break the price of Bitcoin Cash on any exchange they want…

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NO BITCOIN IS NOT DEAD NO BITCOIN HAS NOT BRAKE SUPPORT!!! I have not been that active recently due to work but I have seen many people saying its dead or it has break support, I have mention previously that in my opinion Bitcoin is not going lower than we have already, as many precious metals there is a cost to produce it, in this case to mine it, currently to produce 1 Bitcoin now days is around $4k to $6k in most countries $6k based on energy and equipment cost. BTC currently holding support between $5800 to $6k No one can tell what will…

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GeekCash is about to be listed on its first official exchange, Aiodex has announce on their official twitter account They have official announce that GeekCash will be their fourth trading pair, GeekCash is being develop at the moment, fundamental tools have been release like official miner for the Geek Algorithm, Web Wallet were you will be able to run your masternode, GeekCash pool script so anyone can run a GeekCash Pool and also the community around the coin is being gather. GeekCash has the intention to at first develop a social network around the coin, at the moment as any other startup project is EXTREMELY…

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Hunt Token Airdrop

Hunt Token has recently announced their coin airdrop for SteemPower holders, this airdrop is 1:1 in my case i have 1,189.191 SteemPower once I claim my Steemhunt token I will have 1,189.191 Steemhunt tokens. Has been basically created for users promote products and come up with unknown products for others, you can post products and get tokens for every interaction, this seems to be another social media with a niche created around the Steemit blockchain, very similar to ProdcutHunt. Steemhunt claims on their site that on centralize platforms like ProductHunt most of the profits go to the platform instead of the users so they…

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Binance spoiler demo DEX

The only star in the skies, the one that has hold its BTC value during this bear market, Binance Coin part of the Binance Exchange, CEO Changpeng Zhao has recently post a video of the new DEX desk, Binance is going to release their own blockchain and Decentralize Exchange and keep leading the crypto market as one of the biggest Alt Coin Exchange. Here the video recently posted Very humble Mr. Zhao saying dont expect too much, this ahead of schedule... For the average user this doesnt look like a big deal but seeing an exchange like Binance releasing part of the work being done backstage so early is great news for the upcoming years, we all know…

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Salty Cryptonauts

WERE ARE ALL THE VIP GROUPS, THE CRYPTO EXPERTS, THE CRYPTO ELITE GROUPS After the news and manipulation of the market we have retrace very close to the $6k mark, at the moment of this post $6,240.15, to be honest now there is no catalyst or reason for the market specially Bitcoin to move up, altcoins will keep suffering but good projects wont die people need to be realistic and there are some projects with real value, in the top 16 there are projects with real value like Binance Coin, Cardano, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EOS, Stellar, Neo, Dash this in my opinion but as we can see almost everything is getting hurt except the one single star in the skies Binance Coin and for the reason that…

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Bitcoin and Bart Simpson

After the news about SEC delayed VanEck-SolidX ETF proposal Bitcoin is on a free fall and is getting closer to the $6k line, at the moment sitting at $6200ish, in current market conditions the push from $6k to $8k was total manipulation and with the volume shown during those days that was definitely individuals and not corporations moving the market.  BTC will most likely test again the lines below $5800.00 and bounce back, remember trading in an essence is pure sentiment, we are all humans and we are all watching the same charts, as usual retail traders will think that price will bounce when RSI hits oversold zone but even at the point price can keep dropping, be careful. Crypto market still moves based…

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