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I have said this in the past many times, "what got me into DAPPS was TRONBET (WINK)" back then on 2018 there were not that many dapps outside of ETH but then TRX dapps starting to pop and it was awesome times, remember getting about $200 each days on dividends from the amount of ANTE token I had on TRONBET, at some point I remember having about 30k tokens since I was on it since day one, after a couple of months on 2019 the crypto market sink and I got out of dapps focus more on trading BTC with leverage and looking for passive…

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Wagerr Decentralize Betting – PERSONAL REVIEW

Im constantly looking for low cap projects with working products and active marketing, Wagerr got my attention after being mention my blog, their platform seems to work very well but there is not much demand at the moment, they have a system to somewhat balance price versus demand of the platform, masternode implemented and you can bet on e-sports as on regular sports totally decentralize and without the need of a login, here more details why I think is attractive and a few things that I would change or take in consideration for change. If you like the content please share and subscribe on…

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TRONTOPIA just release today their whitepaper update with upcoming games, new rake reward system, staking and sports-book soon to be release, here a short description of the new whitepaper. As always TRONTOPIA with very captivating design, on this new whitepaper the most important things that everyone is expecting are the new reward system and the new UI, TRONTOPIA is one of the DAPPS that has proven to be legit and competitive after all the up and downs a few months ago, but the ideas are very brilliant and innovative. Thew new UI seems to be very simple and clean as seen on the next picture.…

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Really makes no sense right? a NO RISK CASINO? then whats the catch someone made the game just because...well at first impression I thought maybe the intention of the site is just to create traffic for a steemit account or gather traffic for upcoming projects and its kind of both since on they about the site description "The BROsino is part of the Blockchain Revenue Optimized Sports & Gaming Network (BROSGN) - a grassroots community of sports and gaming enthusiasts that love to interact and compete with each other in a variety of games and contests. The BROsino is our first major addition to the…

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In my expirience when it comes to playing any FAIR Dice Game, and EPICDICE.CLUB is FAIR; sometimes you just need to loose so you can keep winning, the game moves in waves sometimes you are on a winning streak but then it suddenly turns and its up to you how to react, under this circumstances there are two options you can use a very time small amount of your bankroll once you feel you have win enough and then let the bad streak come and take those very tiny small gains or if your bankroll is big enough just let it go and after that…

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Its weekend and I have to time to research looking for new DAPPS to invest/play and get more tokens so when the platform makes some profit I can get dividends, I have been using for about a month and now that its getting volume already got about 40% in return after that what ever I get is profit, GOOD LUCK!!. Website: Telegram: *** *** If you like the content please click on the first banner at the start of the article that helps or you can upvote this post at Good Luck, Thanks @tipU

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Wink Gameplay #6 – VYBZ KARTEL STYLE

Just another nice session rolling the dice at HTTP://WINKTOKEN.COM making some Dice Tokens and at the same time making some TRON, no better way to roll at the riddim of THE BIG BOSS VYBZ KARTEL and La Secta Crew by Panama, enjoy the dancehall session while I roll the dice and rip it. Leave down in the comments whats your favorite music when rolling the dice *** *** If you like the content please click on the first banner at the start of the article that helps or you can upvote this post at Good Luck, Thanks @tipU

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Its been some time since I made my first post about HTTP://EPICDICE.CLUB to be exact 171 days and for that long I have been just collecting Epicdice tokens the reason is because before Magicdice exit it was getting a bit big as a casino dapp on STEEMIT and it seems its Epicdice time to shine, platform is very fair and you can play for hours without getting fully rekt, as I have mention just let it eat some and then let rip, volume is going up and dividends are starting to pop, its not late to start mining *** *** #EPICDICE #STEEMDAPP #DAPPS If…

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Did the math and at current price it seems its cheaper to buy the tokens than to mine the token but if you play the game there is the chance you come out without loosing any STEEM, its not as hard as you think, as you can see this game is very fair look at the STEEM I start with and what I end after sometime of autoplaying GOOD LUCK *** *** #KRYPTOGAMERS #DAPPS #GAMBLING #DICE   If you like the content please click on the first banner at the start of the article that helps or you can upvote this post at…

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Finally BANKLUCK is releasing tonight at 10 PM EST, hope everything goes well this time and all users can share this new concept of Casino DAPP, so far BANKROLL the ROI contract has brake the record in the TRON network with the highest amount of funds with over 100 Million TRON in the contract with a USD value of $2,565,800.00 If you like the content please click on the first banner at the start of the article that helps or you can upvote this post at Steemit Good Luck, Thanks

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