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I have been looking at this company for just little over two weeks reading about them and how everything started, what you will find of this review is just my opinion, thoughts and what I have found so far, if there is any incorrect information please let me know in the comments.

The story is very interesting coming from the CEO Marguerite deCourcelle who started as a blockchain enthusiast, crypto trader “bagholder” , Youtuber and Crypto Entrepreneur in 2018 starting her first blockchain company, Blockade Games. (Source Medium).

It’s weird this have not hit my radar but I also got into DAPPS on November 2018 and have continuously been looking for block chain and gaming integration but after some disappointing experiences on the gaming scene regards projects that failed or exit scam it’s hard to believe on this kind of projects, now days the alt coin market is full of fake pumps that anything related to blockchain gaming may just end up rekt.

Blockade Games have take their time to conbine art, blockchain and gaming together, at the moment the company already have three ongoing projects that are NeonDistrict, Plasma Bears and Pineapple Arcade. I remember when I was a kid going to the arcade it was such an experience playing games for an hour making lines taking turns on each machine or just talk with other kids about the games they were playing those were good times and that’s exactly what Pineapple Arcade looks like, a space where you can play old retro games and don’t be fool that you cant make any crypto out of this because the entire arcade is a cryptographic puzzle.

– NeonDistrict:
– Plasma Bears:
– Pineapple Arcade:

On previous image this is the Pinapple Arcade, you need to click on the machines so you can access some cool retro games and there are puzzles around the place to solve with prices in crypto like Bitcoin.;center,center&resize=700:*

“THE LEGEND OF SATOSHI NAKAMOTO” a puzzle painted by herself Marguerite deCourcelle a.k.a @COIN_ARTIST , with a 4.5 Bitcoin price, at Bitcoin all time high estimated value at $89k, at the moment of this post $45k, already solved (Source Medium)

The Pineapple Arcade still has one of the “longest-surviving puzzles”

“One of our longest-surviving puzzles, called The Function Core, requires multiple steps to unlock. Follow the steps in the following link to get to the second-to-last step! The final prize boasts 15 Ethereum and a unique Neon District trophy, which are still available to the first person who can crack The Core and claim the Ethereum private key.

Follow the path to The Function Core.
The prize address: 0xd64fdefa8dbc540c2582a6fc44b8f88ffb6657ce

Note: The steps start at the Neon District main site, but you can follow the same steps by using the terminal here on Pineapple Arcade, by clicking on the computer at the bottom left of the arcade.”

If at this point you are not amaze for all what Blockade Games and Marguerite deCourcelle have achieved in the Crypto Space, it blows my mind, from a gamer and crypto enthusiast perspective this seems to be what many of us where waiting not just a simple token that was created from thin air, before going into the economics they are actually delivering products not one, not two but three projects that actually involve crypto and gaming.

Their third project in the works is NeonDistrict, initially a “CARD GAME” but things took a shift, this one is now an RPG game that combines that kick ass cyberpunk style of Blockade Games with gaming and crypto, on February 21 they release the first gameplay video of how the game will look like, this is still under development.



More videos at Blockade Games Youtube

If you are a RPG game lover or as I appreciate any game with good graphics, sounds and now involves crypto its kind of a perfect mix, Im sure that besides the game itself there will be puzzles within the game just as complex as “The Function Core” with awesome prices in crypto that everyone within the game will have access too, this puzzles will squeeze your brain and smoke will come out of your ears trying to take that crypto.

On March 9, Blockade Games announce Neon District Founder’s Key Waitlist and Airdrop, this will basically give you access to the Founder’s Sale as part of the founding program for the company, the Airdrop consist of limited edition of Plasma Bears (Details at Medium)

Two presale events for special items within the game like Gear, Gear Upgrades, Characters, Power, Season 0 Boss and others were almost sold out, one item within the game The Baus was sold for 141 WETHER = 1:1 Ethereum, with a USD value of $28,967.04 at the moment of this post, the owner of The Baus didnt only get bragging rights this proud owner of a very expensive item within the game recieves realy good prices and incentives (Details Here)

“Along with owning something that is one-of-a-kind and a major part of the game’s launch, the winner gains access to the first set of game-influencing features. In this case, the owner is able to influence a number of the design elements, its background music, and more.”

The Founders Sale was a total success:

– Baus Sold for $25,000 (141 Eth)
– Total $170,000 Generated
– 818 Total Sale Participants
– 14,000 Waitlist Signups
– 40,000+ Gaming Assets Opened
– Est. $3.2 Million Market Cap
– $200 Average Spend per Buyer

Users within the Founders Program got early access to game demo where they can contribute in many ways like reporting bugs, graphics, music and many other suggestions….WHERE WAS I WHEN ALL THIS HAPPEN!!!!! 

If you are still interested on buying some unique items you can still go to Opensea Marketplace (here) This are only some of the details behind NeonDistrict, there are way more about the technical details within the games I will get into this details on my NeonDistrict review, upcoming…

Blockade Games Team:

I did some research on their team and besides finding some of their Linkedin profiles and Twitter, I find that their Unity Developers do have experience on the field with a very nice accademic background like Brendon Steele and Scott Sollows and their advisors with Expirience on Game Development companies like EA Games (Jason Jeon), I couldnt find anything about Adam Gibson one of their software engineer but maybe thats just a handle, but in any case nothing unusual.

Here a video from last year Blockchain Game Summit BGS, Ben Heidorm


Researching about Blockade Games has been an amazing experience and I love how they have manage their projects so far from being a crypto startup but not just an ICO, how they have engange with the community around the project, the art of Diego Rodriguez , I cant wait to try this game and see many more companies like this come up with revolutionary ideas to introduce crypto into gaming.

You may ask why crypto into gaming, there are many reasons for this the first is transparency, second security and the most important taking away the middle man and bring back the freedom of exchanging assets with value at any giving point in time without the need of an entity with a working schedule or fees.


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