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A the end of the interview BREAKER says:

“If Morris’s assessments are correct, Tron’s BitTorrent Token might not share its namesake’s durability.”

This news came yesterday from an interview done by BREAKER (click here), anyone that is trading TRON should be aware of this, this morning I post this on twitter


I have been telling people to learn to listen and make your own decisions, DONT FOLLOW others, crypto is big spectrum of things and characters, you have people posting online with a lot of knowledge and those that just follow the next pump, I listen to all of them and allways try to ask myself why go there? who is involve? whats my target? before making my next move and its ok if the FOMO gets you sometime, but learn from your mistakes.

Just to be clear the other day I made a post about my TRON trade and mention I sold the TRON I was holding and was waiting for it to come back….click here to read that post the reason why because it went up like craze, thats not natural its insane and then this happens

32% ish down after the top, come on if you are new to crypto then its ok I get it but if you have over a year on crypto you should see this comming after TRON increment on price since December 18 last year fisrt leg up, the coin went 173% ish up, thats already insane so it has to go down and when something goes down and people get caught in the trade they start bashing the project.

Know back to the interview, I’M NOT SAYING TRON IS A SAINT but they do know how to make marketing, Justin knows how to sell the project and this interview only provides one person opinion who is already out of the project, I take in consideration this kind of news and start thinking why would this be true, start looking online for any reference or facts that backup what they said on this paper but this is still very important, on crypto you need to take in consideration the technical of the chart, the sentiment of the community and the bad news whatever they are because a post like this can take down any project but I doubt it will take down TRON.

It is my opinion that this topic will be address at NITRON if they let people get involve with some kind of Q&A at any point in the conference and TRON team will know how to shake things off, also it is true that the BTT Token at the moment has no utility FOR NOW, I agree with others that it should not exist.

A the end of the interview BREAKER says:

“If Morris’s assessments are correct, Tron’s BitTorrent Token might not share its namesake’s durability.”

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