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Hi, has been some time since I have made a post about my trades, I like to write articles but it does take some time but I want to keep written content on my blog too, whats the point just to post videos, so I have decided to keep a log of my Altcoin and Bitcoin trades either spot or leverage trades on this series that I call “To The Moon, They Say..” just a funny name to keep things in the positive side, right now as we are all stuck at home is the time to learn new skills and trading is really a passion for me but lately didnt have the time to sharp my trading skills, this are some of the things Im practicing
1- Try not to rush into trades, sometimes it still happens
2- Dont not trade every day, enjoy winings
3- Small wins, anything from 10% to 25%
4- Have a plan before getting in to the trade, entry and exit
5- Have a plan B in case things go the wrong way
6- Recognize when you have lost
The most I can take to loose is 30% on the spot or depending of how much I have done in the past days I may take a higher risk but this last part I DONT RECOMMEND IT since most of the time it doesnt work, for the last 3 weeks so far I have done very well, first week did a 300% on four trades and this week only 21%, started my account with $100 and currently sitting at $365.75 ish.
After a day of not trading now Im looking into a long position with an entry of $7023 with a stop lost at $6889 on a 10x Leverage trade, based on my 1hr and 4hr chart since the daily chart tells something different.
Here my Bitcoin 1hr Chart

Cryptoxicate Bitcoin 1hr Chart

As we can see there is a bull flag forming after the two green candles from this morning, very possible that this could be the pump before the halving

Indicators like RSI and MACD can still keep moving up or sideways in the upside range, when $BTC pumps it loves to run on the overbought territory, this is just a short term position

Here my Bitcoin 4hr Chart

Moving to a higher time frame chart, the Bitcoin 4hr chart it looks even more bullish in the short term, where we can see $BTC price action bouncing from the 200 EMA, RIS and MACD still ascending with room to go

Here my Bitcoin 1D chart

Finally when I look at the $BTC daily chart we still have a couple of things that doesnt give me that much confidence, besides Im not so good identifying bullish patterns

1- 50 EMA acting as resistance

2- Decending trendline still respected by the price, as we can see the white descending line on top of that green candle

3- RSI and MACD still very in no trade zone, no clear sign on what direction they will take

I really looks like the same story ever since $14k, very similar to that descending patter Bitcoin had from 2018 $20k top to December 2018 $3100, every single rally gets rejected $14k, $10k and now seems like $7k is the current top, there are still some insensitive for BTC to pump

1- Halving coming up

2- Decoupling from traditional market, right now seems to be following S&P500 but eventually it will create its own moves

3- Market has been very very bearish for the past month, after low volume a big move is expected

$BTC just jump 10% up in the less than 3 hours this morning, in the short term it looks bullish but Im still waiting confirmation from the 1d chart because if my long is short term successful and at the same time we get that confirmation on the 1d for the first time ever I may leave it open for a swing trade depending how far it moves from my liquidation point, will keep you posted, I dont usually trade every day but will keep all my trades on this log.

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Good Luck, Thanks

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