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Bitcoin And Ethereum Price Struggle To Keep Going Up – Crypto & Coffee #0103

Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Struggle to keep going up – Crypto & Coffee #0103

I have been involve on the TRON Cryptocurrency project as an investor and users of dapps since that phase of TRON started back on 2018 and was quite happy back then seen all the profits coming in and more users getting into this DAPPS but for the past year all I have seen is the price going down and more and more people bashing TRON and most of them are right to do so since TRON business decisions or should we say JUSTIN SUN, has not been the best to keep a good image and get more users involve into the project, I dont think TRON is dead and from a trading perspective it looks very promising but it looks like the problem for TRON is not the developers or probably the TEAM but Justin Sun image, what he has created by copy cat others projects and finding the way to gain enemies within the crypto space, on this video I talk about where do I see TRON and why JUSTIN SUN has become the anchor of TRON

I publish videos so ppl avoid making my mistakes and learn something from them, keep that in mind on every video!!!! —ME—

DISCLAIMER: The information or its media channels not limited to Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Instagram, Facebook, or any upcoming social media platform or internet search engine results is not financial advice. This information is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Any information provided are only and simple thoughts and opinions, you must not follow any of this thoughts and look for a professional financial advisor since we are not any type of advisors. Dont not get into crypto currencies since its a high risk investment if you do not have the proper guidance and any investment that you made is your own responsibility and no one else.

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