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Binance $100 MIllion Dollar Acelerator Fund Is Hot

Binance $100 MIllion Dollar Acelerator Fund is hot

**Always take in consideration non of this information is financial advice or official announcement from any specific project, I’m no expert and this is just my personal opinion on certain project mention on this article, cryptocurrencies are extreme high risk assets and you must do you own research**

Binance $100 MIllion Dollar Acelerator Fund is hot

For any project funding is very important, sometimes the idea could be disruptive but without necessary tools like marketing, PR, tech support is hard to execute the plan and when you have the help and backup of such a Crypto Entity like Binance things skyrocket really fast.

As I mention on my previous article Im not a Binance fanboy but there are a lot of things they do pretty well, CZ seems to be the Elon Musk of crypto, the guy has accomplish so many things starting with just an exchange to now come up with new products every quarter but its starting to be clear that they cant do everything by them self and running a big staff would probably require an HQ wich is something they have partially avoid since based on previous CZ comments most of their staff is remote.

Binance Smart Chain has many projects in mind that they are starting to delegate to other developers who had they own startup and have recently join the Binance Smart Chain through the Acelerator Fund plan, some of this projects are:

– Anyswap: cross chain swap protocol that provides price and liquidity, very like Uniswap to make it short
– Arkane Network: the name says it all (arcade), gaming development on the blockchain, this is something many have been waiting to boom but haven’t yet, the most successful blockchain game I know if is Spliterlands with thousands of users.
– Baker Swap: I’m against projects with this type of names but to be honest since its Binance meh, is basically an NFT auction with DeFi in between
– Bitquery: this is something would be very useful for Coinmarketcap for example, been able to do queries of multiple and cross blockchains on the fly
– Pancake Swap: again this type of names, this one I don’t really get it if they already have Anyswap, unless they just want to split it in two since this is Uniswap yield farming, swap tokens and yield farming, Pancake Swap will do the farming only, I can see both merge in the future to become one single product.

For all this in house projects Binance have been recluting external projects that will either merge or help to develop them under the umbrella of the Accelerator fund as I quote from their own Binance Blog “BSC Is Looking For More Innovative Projects” , divide and conquer is a strategy that most of the time works and I think Binance has realize that if they can add projects that fit into their into this categories all this other products will become a reality faster than planed. At the moment Binance claim to have more than 40 Dapps running in the BSC infrastructure and growing. I remember when Dapp.Radar had around this amount of dapps listed and now they have hundreds, this was back on 2018 when Tron Dapps were booming, with a $100 million dollar fund to backup this projects soon more developers will be attracted to Binance Smart Chain like flies to a cake but not all this projects will probably make it, crypto is still growing its very small compare to real life companies and some of this projects will become just legacy something that works but was surpass by new technology.

Binance Acelerator Fund is offering the full package when it comes to support, marketing, pr and all the necesary things aspects necessary to develop a business not just and idea, turn an idea meaning a software into a business should be the real goal for anyone starting a project, don’t get me wrong its not like you join the program and Binance is going to write you a check, they providing the necessary tools to “Accelerate” the development process since they want their own projects to develop faster and delegating this functions to new projects seems to be their choice as best plan and I guess its even cheaper than be acquiring projects left and right, I have said it many times CZ is a smart guy and has sneaky team getting their hands on every aspect of crypto.

Binance $100 MIllion Dollar Acelerator Fund is hot

There are a few of this projects on the BSC that are starting to get my attention and the only reason is because they seem to be the flagship project for now on each of their niche.


Binance $100 MIllion Dollar Acelerator Fund is hot

Binance $100 MIllion Dollar Acelerator Fund is hot


Binance $100 MIllion Dollar Acelerator Fund is hot
-Fortube: Lending platform

-Wink: Crypto Casino with daily dividend payment

There is no data for the last two on Coinmarketcap although Wink recently move to the BSC with their new platform, this is one of the few Crypto Casinos that have manage to stay up float and their returns are very decent, I have invest a three times on their Dice token and only once got out at a lost and basically because I want to move capital to another project and this was during crypto winter.

Most of this projects are in Uniswap, I’m not really into DeFi but since they are backup by the Acelerator Fund its a no brainier that they will end up going up very fast in price at some point, more opportunity during a bull market.

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