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Hi everyone, this article is a tutorial about one of the most recent and innovative DAILY ROI SMART CONTRACTS running on top of TRON, Bankroll (

Before you start with this tutorial, watch my DAILY ROI CONTRACT so you can understand the basics of this type of contract WATCH VIDEO

On this tutorial I will be as most specific as I can, it will be a bit long but will try to explain all the content, windows and popup messages within the site.

BANKROLL main target is longevity and fairness for its users, creating a sustainable daily cash flow.

From BANKROLL development team official guide:
“The code has been audited by a distributed and independent group of developers. Due to
competitive reasons the code will not be released. All functions have been exercised and
confirmed safe on Mainnet including transferCustodianship which is used for regular operation
of the network. The only transfer in the entire system is in the withdraw function and the
address is always to msg.sender. This can be confirmed via simple byte code analysis.
Bankroll is a social experiment / game, but it does also provide a financial utility and there is a
high degree of responsibility around keep funds safe; this includes safety from copy cats and

Before you start using the site you need to first buy some TRON, you can buy TRON at Binance exchange ( ) and you need to download TRONLINK, here the link to my TRONLINK TUTORIAL ( )

Any deposits that you make as a fee of 15% including reinvestment (ROLL), this fee splits as follow,
– 12.5% goes to the treasury, this funds go directly to the contract balance for sustainability
– 1.25% goes to referrals
– 1.25% goes to custody, custody means development and management

This means that if you deposit 100 TRON your daily 3.33% reward will be based on 85 TRON and NOT 100 since you need to take out the deposit fee of 15%, this leave you will a balance of 85 TRON and getting 2.8305 TRON per day.


After 35 you will be getting 100% of your investment and will continue getting that 3.33% daily reward of your initial investment, in this case 85 TRON

This are the basics for the CONTRACT, now lets get into the website menus and features.

At the very top of the screen we will find the top menu as shown

  • SOCIAL: takes you to the BANKROLL Telegram Group
  • CONTRACT: takes you to the contract address shown on (
  • GUIDE: is the official BANKROLL Guide on PDF
  • WALKTHROUGH: takes you to a video youtube that explains the main features of BANKROLL SMART CONTRACT
  • FAQ: Goes to the bottom of this website where the FAQ is allocated
  • MEDIA KIT: Links to a zip file that contains BANKROLL logo in different formats and a promotional video of BANKROLL


  1. Tx Burn Protection: on TRON you need Bandwidth to make transactions, every day your wallets gets 5,000 Bandwidth, after you consume that then you will be charge on TRON per transaction, this Tx Burn Protection feature prevents you from getting charge on TRON, the fee per transaction most of the time is very small but if you are doing several deposits a day you will be charge for each transaction, also its better that you always have between 10 to 20 TRON in your wallet for transactions.
  2. Total Credits: this is the amount of TRON you have on the contract for your daily ROI, means that over this amount you will get the 3.33%
  3. Referral/Sponsorship Credits: this is the amount of referral or sponsorship credits you have receive so far into your BANKROLL account, Referral are 1.25% of the initial deposit, Sponsorship depends on how much your sponsor has deposit.
  4. TRX: Here you will input the amount of TRON you want to deposit into the contract, this deposit pays the initial 15% fee and then becomes the balance of your account within the contract.
  5. FUND: after you input the amount of TRON you would like to deposit click FUND to send TRON to the contract.
    1. Once you click FUND it will show you the transaction hash and link you to so you can track your deposit.
    2. The minimum amount to deposit is 1 TRON
    3. sometimes this link provided wont show up right away on Tronscan so you need to give it a few minutes
  6. Whale Status: shows the amount of TRON required to be consider a WHALE, BANKROLL has been design to avoid whales taking control of the contract, one of the problems of the traditional ROI is that a whale can deposit large amount of TRON and then drain the contract taking everyones TRON, thats why a ceiling has been created that will increment and decrease depending on the CONTRACT Balance, if a user deposits more than the WHALE STATUS amount then this user wont be able to withdraw 3.33% daily and will be cap to the CREDIT CEILING, shown at the bottom of the website, at the moment of this post is 0.043% until the contract balance increase and then the user will be able to withdraw 3.33% daily again.
  7. Wallet: shows the fist five and last five digits of your wallet to confirm you are using the correct wallet.
  8. Balance: shows your wallet balance


Under the Claim box we have the following fields

  1. Total Withdrawals: is the total amount of TRON that has been withdrawn from the contract, when you reinvest it also counts as a withdraw.
  2. Pending Referrals / Sponsorship: all referral and sponsorship credits go into your account when you click WITHDRAW or ROLL, this type of credits CAN NOT be withdraw to your TRON wallet, this is mainly for contract sustainability.
  3. Credited / Available Balance: on this section will show the 3.33% that you get per minute, every minute you get paid and this balance will increment for you to withdraw at any time you want.
  4. WITHDRAW: with this button you can withdraw your CREDITED /AVAILABLE BALANCE (3)
  5. ROLL: the ROLL button is a reinvestment button, it will automatically send your available balance to your account within the contract, remember that every deposit pays a 15%.


A sponsorship is an account within the contract that same as yours will get 3.33% DAILY rewards based on the 85% of the deposit, same as the above example if you deposit 100 TRON this person will get 3.33% of 85 TRON after the 15% deposit fee, meaning this persons that you just sponsor will get 2.8305 TRON daily, you will get 1.25% of the amount you deposit means if you deposit 100 TRON for the person you are going to sponsor then you will get a one time payment of 1.25 TRON.

  1. Recipient: this indicates the person wallet address that will get the sponsorship.
  2. Address: on this field input the wallet address of the person you are going to sponsor.
  3. Depositor credited 1.25% referral fee: you will get 1.25% of the amount that you are sending to your sponsorship.
  4. Funding Amount: indicates the amount of TRON you are going to deposit into the sponsorship.
  5. TRX: on this field input the amount of TRON you are sending, make sure you have at least 10 TRON extra on your wallet for network transaction fees.
  6. Recipient credited 85% of deposit after fees: a sponsorship is consider a deposit too there for it pays the 15% initial fee to get into the contract.
  7. Fund: click fund to send TRON to the wallet you are going to sponsor.
  8. Transfer from existing credits: when this is turn on, the credits will be send from your Credited / Available Balance as shown on the next picture

After sending the sponsorship you will get a confirmation link for the transaction as shown on the next picture

After you send TRON to the sponsorship you will recieve the 1.25% of your total deposit, in this case I send 15 TRON and got 0.1875, picture shows a bit more but its because I already had an ongoing balance on my account.

On the account that you sponsor will show 85% of the total amount you send, in this case the 85% of 15 is 12.75 as shown on the next screen


The TREASURY is the contract itself, anything that you donate will be deposit into the contract 100%, this kind of deposit do not pay the 15% fee and it helps the sustainability of the contract, THIS IS NOT OBLIGATORY ONLY DONATE IF YOU WANT TO.

  1. Donation Amount: indicates the amount you are going to donate.
  2. TRX: on this field input the amount of TRON; in numbers, you want to donate.
  3. 100% of you donation goes to the treasury for long term sustainability: this means donations don’t pay the 15% deposit as sponsorship and funding does.
  4. DONATE: this is the donate button, after you input the amount click donate to proceed with the transaction, always have between 10 to 20 TRON on your wallet for transactions fees.


This section of the website displays the status of the CONTRACT on different aspects

  • Members: the amount of wallets that have deposit TRON or receive a sponsorship.
  • Contract Balance: the total amount of TRON that the contract holds at the moment, this number might not be exact due to TRON network speed.
  • Total Deposit: the total of TRON that has been deposit to the contract since it started.
  • Total Donated: the total amount of TRON that has been donated.
  • Total Withdrawn: the total amount of TRON that users has withdrawn from the contract since it started.
  • Transactions: total amount of transactions that have been maid, including deposits and withdraws of all types meaning funding, withdraw, roll, sponsorship and donations.
  •  Credit Ceiling: this is the percentage that anyone who deposits more than the current Whale Status will get until the contract balance goes up.
  • Total Sponsored: the total amount of TRON that has been send to users via sponsorship.


Very self explanatory FAQ, most of this points have been explain during the tutorial.

Common questions:

  1. Can I withdraw my initial deposit?
    1. No, to get back the amount of your initial deposit will need to wait 35 days getting 3.33% of the 85% of your initial deposit, but you cant request withdraw the total amount at once.
  2. What happens if the site disappear?
    1. Nothing, as long as the contract has balance you will still get 3.33% of your 85% initial deposit until the contract runs out of TRON.
  3. What are the website / contract fees?
    1. The deposit fee is 15% that divides as follow: 12.5% goes to the treasury, 1.25% goes to referrals or custody (roll) and 1.25% to development.
    2. There is NO withdraw fee
  4. Is it safe to invest on BANKROLL?
    1. Nothing in crypto is safe at the moment, DAILY ROI CONTRACTS are consider HIGH RISK by all DAPP INDEX WEBSITES like the reality is that crypto is code and code can be hacked or may contain bugs that can interrupt or stop the functionality of the contract, BANKROLL developer has taken all measures possible to reassure the security and sustainability of the contract but ALWAYS ONLY INVEST WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOOSE, THATS CRYPTO GOLDEN RULE.

I’ll update this guide when new features come up, developer has mention that a casino will be implement to feed the ROI contract in the next months, will keep you posted.

Thanks for reading if you I like my post please feel free to leave a comment, share on your social media or upvote on Steemit

Good Luck, Thanks

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