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At this point manipulation is all that I can see mention on other telegram groups besides Tronbet chat, the reason for this could be that are afraid Tronbet may try to silence everyone who goes against them by banning them from their chat.

ANTE token start selling on December last year, as I expect the prices started between 15 to 20 TRON per ANTE, after TRONBET success they have accumulate a large amount of TRON same as ANTE since for every ANTE that users mine a portion goes to TRONBET.

Right to the point, on January 10 we saw the first spike of the price going all the way to 29 TRON per ANTE, at the same time the dividend pool start going up and everyone went crazy to gamble over TRONBET to get ANTE but during that time very weird orders came up on GOC DEX pushing the price up, we saw big spread on the order book meaning that someone wanted to push the price at the same time the dividend pool was going up like crazy, its sad I dont have screenshots of that day but I do have for yesterday.

This screenshot is from

As soon as price reach its peak dividend pool start going down and price start dropping like a rock, you would say that’s normal and it is but here correlation between this screenshot and the next one.


Right after the price stop going down at around 18 TRX per ANTE there was a small pump to 25 TRX that then got dump to 22 TRX and this orders pops up just like that, then the order vanish after people start talking about it, I CAN NOT TELL WHO IS DOING THIS, but this is evidence that someone or  a group wants to buy cheap ANTE as much as they can and the reason for this in my opinion are last TRONBET announcement and the rumor that TRONBET will implement a feature to BURN ANTE increasing the value of ANTE.

This post mentions they will aloud users to play with their ANTE and a new game coming up next week and we all know what happens when TRONBET release new game IT PUMPS THE PRICE AND DIVIDEND POOL.

Reason for speculate on manipulation:
– Price correlation with dividend pool
– Huge orders popping and disappear all suddenly to push price up and down
– Price recover right after TRONBET announcement

You may still think all this is OK and it since since on the crypto space anyone can do whatever they want with their crypto but that doesn’t mean you should do some of this things, crypto is about community, its a very grey since this is still a market.

My thoughts, if you already have ANTE DONT SELL CHEAP, dont fall into this manipulation game, weather the storm and TRONBET will go back up they wont let it die and if you dont have ANTE jump in because price will go back up, at this point I was wrong for 2 TRON because on a previous post I said the lowest it would go was 20 TRON but it did hit 18 TRON, this is the first time my theory is proven, lets see what happens in the future. I like TRONBET I have been since minig stage one when dividend pool was 10 million and its the most develop and stable TRON DAPP out there.

Thanks for reading if you I like my post please feel free to leave a comment or upvote on Steemit

Good Luck, Thanks

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