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Althea – Review

Althea – Review

Recently or better say, now that I have more time in my hands, I have been looking for projects that are different from the rest that I know, some of this projects might not be brand new; if you know of any or would like me to review your project contact me at or @cryptoxicate on twitter, anyways I tound Althea by reading an article on where they talk about a case of a nurse who didnt have internet at her place and now had to work from home, she contact every ISP around her place and nobody could provide the service, most of the time this is to lack of coverage.

Project Information
Name: Althea Networks

Althea project wont blow your mind since you will look at it from the perspective of reselling internet but its a little more than that so first lets go over the basics of the project as shown on their website:

1- The enabling technology of the Althea system is firmware, installed on network routers.

First you will need to have a supported router as a user or client of the network, I found a few listed on their Github, Althea uses OpenWRT as a base firmware with their own custom files

– GL.iNet GL-B1300 Home AC Gigabit Router
– Linksys WRT AC3200
– Linksys (WRT32XB)
– Linksys EA6350

This four router are listed as easy to install Althea firmware, first and last model coming very little under $50 but at the same time very good routers, I have use the Linksys EA6350 in the past I can say is a very good and cheap base router, after you install the firmware this will aloud you to load up your router with Ethereum, yes this is when crypto gets involve, you load up Ethereum and then choose the network to connect (All this is theory since I haven’t implement it but already submit a form to get more information about it)

2- At this point once you connect to a Althea antenna close to you, you will decide when and how fast your need your internet, routers will be able to pay each other for bandwidth as a shared service, also another secret sauce of the project is that it works as a vpn, the entire network behind the Althea node is a private network that main ISP wont be able to block, advertise or throttle, so it brings payment flexibility as long as you own Ethereum and also brings more privacy to your internet usage.

3- Althea is a project that would be the most effective in rural areas where coverage of cooper network is a problem but with how develop the wireless technology is now days there is not problem as long as there is a clear view of the two targets for a p2p connection.

With time the entire network would keep expanding and if we think about why users quit or change from one ISP to another:

– Lack of coverage
– Bad tech support
– Expensive
– Plain bad internet service

Most of the hardware use on the network is home/mid business grade, software runs on Linux and nodes runs on any regular pc with certain basic hardware specifications, there are a few points from the list that I just mention that Althea can fix

– Lack of cover: no days with the wireless technology we are able to setup easy connections even in the middle of the city, mesh network technology has really improve this, Ubiquiti being one of the most famous home network hardware has really push this.

– Bad tech support: with inexpensive hardware and home/mid business grade users will be able to troubleshoot it them self or in the worst case can contact any local IT with network knowledge and can assist them instead of waiting for ISP tech support that most of the time is very limited and may take some time to arrive your home.

– Expensive: Althea seems to provide a flexible payment method where you can use your crypto to pay at any time without having to make lines or wait for your bank to process a transaction, you decide how much bandwidth you want, by holding Ethereum you can take advantage of the volatility of the asset and when its up then internet could be cheaper (this is something I have to investigate further)

– Plain bad internet service: Althea organizers are committed to carry the project forward, most of the time organizer run nodes and Althea is a project where organizer start with friends and family as clients, the target of the project is to cut out the big corporation environment and work within a trestles environment where you decide how much to pay, how much badnwith to use, you use your own hardware, the network provides you and respects your privacy.

There are many advantages to this project, its just a matter of time and we as users and clients to support ideas like this, YES is true that it may not solve every single problem that you may have with your ISP but it definitely has a few things that your regular average ISP is taking from you.

This is my first impression of Althea, I hope I can get in contact with them and find out how to become an organizer since I do have access to clients who may be interested in such service.


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