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Altcoins Will Reach All Time High On 2021

Altcoins will reach all time high on 2021

Altcoins will reach all time high on 2021

**Always take in consideration non of this information is financial advice, I’m no expert and this is just my personal opinion on certain project mention on this article, cryptocurrencies are extreme high risk assets and you must do you own research**

This bull market feels different than the one on 2017 or may be its because I was not into crypto on 2016 and this is just the start of the bull market, sometimes I think its the case the main reason is because Bitcoin and the rest of the market has not even got to all time highs and a question that always come up is “Will Altcoins reach all time highs?”.

Different from 2017 there were not that many altcoins and its my impression from the market that some of the OG altcoins that have been dropping since then are not really performing and part of the crypto enthusiast see them as they wont reach all time highs, IN MY OPINION not all altcoins will reach all time highs but some of them will, in crypto its hard to tell what coins will go to new all time highs because different from other markets its purely based on the tech and not on profits generated from the “token” but that’s starting to change with DeFi because now those platforms can be evaluated based on the amount of assets they hold, other types of tokens or coins are still hard to evaluate.

What I look into a coin?
– Working Product, not just promises
– Large community
– Development
– Public face
– Tokenomics


Here a list of coins that I’m invested back from 2017, not that I’m holding since then but are from those times, this coins may go up to new all time highs.

Binance Coin
– DigiByte
– Horizen
– Waves
– Cardano

Ethereum Chart, needs to do about 178% to brake all time highs.

Ethereum Chart - Altcoins will reach all time high on 2021

Q: Why is this list so short?

A: Most coins would have to do over 10x in a single year and it will depend on how much NEW MONEY will enter the market because then it runs out, the amount of money in the market or participants will be too thin, also keep in consideration that as Bitcoin go up this coins go down fast in BTC value there for its hard for them to get back to all time highs .

I came up with this short list from going through top 250 coins, most of the coins from 2017 probably have to do over 15x to get to all time high levels, not that its impossible after all the amount of volatility seen on the crypto market has no comparison so we never know how high a coin can go but the reason why I’m writing about this is mainly because I know there are some people out in the market holding since 2017 some coins that may actually not make it to all time highs and a golden rule of investing or trading is cut your looses quick. Some aspects of crypto that I think are weak or dead are staking coins and masternode coins, this are sections of crypto that has become very weak overall and have be surpass by others like DeFi.

What I have been doing lately is focus on new coins, when I say new coins I’m not talking about obscure tokens or pre sales, I’m talking about coins from the last two years that have potential and better if they already have a working product, I may take a risk here and there but my strategy is different that what I did on 2017 main reason is because now I know how risky is to invest on pre sales or coins nobody knows, yes you will find that GEM that you get in first and make a ton of money IF everything goes well so I’m trying to take away or reduce the “IF” and going with projects that have been innovating since 2017 but also keep performing in price and this is hard because even the small list of coins I post above most of them went down over 80% since the previous bull market but they are not too far from that all time high target and don’t have to do above 10x to get there, I still believe there is still plenty of time for this projects to get there.

What new coins I’m looking at, that will definitely go way high at bull market peak

– Uniswap
Celsius Network
– Chainlink
– Aave
– Sushi
– Kyber Network
– Polkadot
– Tezos
– Vechain
– 0x

Vechain USD Chart, needs to do about 139% to break all time highs

Vechain Chart Altcoins will reach all time high on 2021

This list is way larger and its not all, there are many new projects that are very exiting and will keep thriving, same as the bull market is just starting I believe the DeFi season we had a few months ago is just the start, different than the ICO area DeFi has products as I mention before something that financial entities can now will be able to evaluate same as traditional companies get evaluations, DeFi is an experiment that is just starting and a new wave of this projects will come up.

Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and I could be totally wrong about some of this coins, after all there are thousands of coins out there that will pump like crazy on next altcoin season and this is just my perception of the market based on news and price actions of some of this coins. I know the expectations of most people is that altcoins will do all time highs same as Bitcoin will but first the market need new blood new participants then more money can flow into altcoins once Bitcoin takes a break and the rest of the market start to move as fast or even faster than Bitcoin just be very selective in the projects you put your money in.

I hope this articles provides you a guide of the aspects I look for before buying a coin for the long term.


DISCLAIMER: The information or its media channels not limited to Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Instagram, Facebook, or any upcoming social media platform or internet search engine results is not financial advice. This information is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Any information provided are only and simple thoughts and opinions, you must not follow any of this thoughts and look for a professional financial advisor since we are not any type of advisors. Dont not get into crypto currencies since its a high risk investment if you do not have the proper guidance and any investment that you made is your own responsibility and no one else.

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