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A Shakeout Is Not Same As A Correction – ETHEREUM TO ALL TIME HIGH

A Shakeout is not same as a Correction – ETHEREUM TO ALL TIME HIGH

**Always take in consideration non of this information is financial advice or official announcement from any specific project, I’m no financial advisor, trader or expert, this is just my personal opinion on certain project mention on this article, cryptocurrencies are extreme high risk assets and you must do you own research, never follow what I or other people say on internet**



A Shakeout is not same as a Correction – ETHEREUM TO ALL TIME HIGH

Bitcoin has certainly surprise the world on 2020, even after all the word wide incidents from economy, political and health crypto keeps moving on, this market is on a mission, IMO a conservative target is the $100k mark.

Every market is different, for all that we know the only similarities between crypto bull markets is they usually start after the Bitcoin Halving and in the future that could change but for until now most of the time its the catalyst along with some additional events in the altcoin department, on 2017 going from $1200 to $20k was a dream among those who were new to crypto, you still have those that skeptic about Technical Analysis saying it doesn’t work but more often TA is right and human emotions are wrong, if we look at the 1 Week chart historically Bitcoin has done more that double its price many times during bull markets, last bull market was more about the long-term holders, the retail investor who install Coinbase app on their phone and buy a few hundreds on Bitcoin and suddenly you have a vast amount of ppl doing just the same thing and eventually price did more than double.

Bitcoin Weekly Chart

A Shakeout is not same as a Correction - ETHEREUM TO ALL TIME HIGH
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This time around the market is different, this is a corporative investor/traders but keep in mind “traders are going trade” meaning eventually we will see a substantial drop in price that wont be backup by institutions and things will take its natural course of correction, during December and January so far we have seen two +15% drops in price that recover almost instantly within a week of time, this means two things

1- Big players taking profits
2- Big long-term investors buying more

I havent been manually trading since December 23, 2020 for many factors one of them holidays and second is that for me buying at this levels without a significant correction is too risky, I would prefer to buy higher but only after a +25% correction in price, so going long or short right now is very risky but if price settles down and starts creating a bed I may start to jump in and buy a couple of coins I have on sight, Bitcoin been one of them for long term most likely but buying at this level without a significant correction makes me think I might end up holding a bag although I believe anything from $50k to $100k is not far this is still crypto and anything can happen, Bitcoin has not done quite well from February to April so this might be the time when the price goes down a good percentage before the next move up.

Ethereum to All Time Highs

A Shakeout is not same as a Correction - ETHEREUM TO ALL TIME HIGH
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As we can see on the chart the second biggest crypto and father of many is as bullish or I would say way more bullish than Bitcoin, you may think I’m an ETH Maxi and I’m not, it’s just a trading opportunity for anyone who didn’t catch the Bitcoin train years ago, I do have a good size position of both my long-term and short-term portfolio but this opinion is just from a trading perspective, all this situations I mention I would sell all of them for FIAT the moment reach my targets.

Different than Bitcoin IMO Ethereum has not been discover either by retail and interesting its corporations probably taking it more serious. Bitcoin has an invaluable resource and its the security of its network, had a few important bugs as I have mention but has stay online and secure for the most part, yes it’s among the slow ones but you can’t put a price on security although nobody buys Bitcoin for its network but for its price action how its able to double up in price after the halving. Here comes Ethereum with a way more develop product regarding features that will eventually make it more useful, faster and cheaper than Bitcoin.

A proposal from Vitalik himself, a solution to lower gas fees that will eventually make Ethereum cheaper to transact, this change will create a BASE FEE and some say miners will be discouraged to keep their equipment running, IMO if EIP-1559 happens before POW ends the BASE FEE will be spread among miners and would depend on ETHEREUM price if its enough to keep miners running. There will be a lot of ETH burn once this is implemented since GAS FEE “BASE FEE” will be burn and a “TIP” provided to the miner as a reward. A more deep explanation from David Hoffman

Besides EIP-1559 take in consideration that everyday more and more ETHEREUM is getting locked for staking, the amount of ETHEREUM that wont be on exchanges or circuation will increase with time and have same effect as with Bitcoin bug at a higher rate, same as I mention that $50k is not a crazy target for Bitcoin, we could see Ethereum over $2500 before this bull market is over.

Altcoins Im watching
Right now the strategy is basically go long on altcoins as Bitcoin may start to settle down and create a new base for its price, within the coins I’m looking at the moment are

Celsius Network (CEL)
– The Graph (GRT)
– Curve Dao (CRV)

Celsius Network (CEL)

A Shakeout is not same as a Correction - ETHEREUM TO ALL TIME HIGH
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This is a coin that has given me the most profits during 2020, I have trade it many times and still accumulating, the entire mechanism of the price works around ppl locking down their coins to get yield based on what coins and how much they lock down on the CEL wallet and Celsius Network buying tokens back in the market with their profits to pay yield to the CEL holders, if this mechanism is broken price is not sustainable, in my experience there is always a time were greed is the deal breaker, 2020 was the first time I introduce someone new to crypto, got to friends into CEL and almost double their money in 15 days from $2.33 to $4 to then sell 75% of the position and hold the rest. Right now CEL price is showing indecision, is rejected at December close, will potentially hit targets from $4.50 to $4, atm I’m not buying anymore just waiting for the correct time because once Bitcoin starts to correct same will happen with altcoins multiplied by two.

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